Review of Forté Golf Balls

A pleasant surprise!

At long last, I was able to test the Forté golf balls sent to me late last summer. I was waiting until the weather turned warm and my game was at a level where I could make an honest assessment of these golf balls. Thank you to Forté Golf for the opportunity to test these new balls to the golfing market.

My testing conditions were ideal. It was 30° C, 25 kmph wind, and completely sunny. The course was dry and the greens were very receptive. I am currently playing to a 5 handicap and hopefully, it will go lower as the summer progresses.


Tour Performance S

I spent 10 minutes on the chipping green with both the Tour Performance S and Apex 6.

The Tour Performance S is a 3-piece ball “Ideal for players with who demands premium urethane covers ball at all skill levels. Increased short game spin control without sacrificing tee shot distance.” Forté says it is a low compression golf ball, but I could not find an exact number.

My first hit with Tour Performance S felt very comfortable. The sound was consistent with a 3 piece ball, but my ability to work the ball was surprising. It had the feel of a more expensive ball. I quickly adjusted and felt comfortable judging the speed using all my wedges.


Apex 6

The Apex 6 is the first 6 piece golf ball. Forté states that it is “Ideal for players who demands the best or nothing. Underneath the cast urethane cover is the world’s first 6 piece golf ball! It guarantees to outperform the competition in all aspect.”

The Apex 6 was more challenging to use. The sound it made off my club was more of a click; something akin to a hard golf ball. Yet, the Apex 6 was easy to spin and control when chipping around the greens. It took me longer to adjust to this ball because of the sound, but eventually all was right in the world.

When I putted with each ball; the opposite was true. I quickly adapted to speed and control while putting the Apex 6. Finding the right putting stroke with the Tour Performance S took time because it jumped off my putter face. When I finally had both under control, I found that both balls rolled true.

When testing the Forté golf balls on the course, I decided to play the Tour Performance S on the front nine and the Apex 6 on the back. This is a bit unusual, but I wanted to ensure I tested both balls under the same conditions. This was a good decision as I was able to glean an honest assessment of their performance.

The most significant quality of both the Tour Performance S and the Apex 6 was their smash factor. (Smash Factor is ball speed divided by club speed. Smash Factor relates to the amount of energy transferred from the club head to the golf ball. The higher the smash factor the better the energy transfer.) I did not swing the club any harder than last week, but I gained significant distance off the tee; therefore I conclude that the Forté golf balls have a significant smash factor!

I generally average 240 yards off the tee. But today, on the front nine, my ball was traveling much further. I hit 3 drives over 270 yards with the furthest being 274 yards. And all this increased distance with no loss of control. I was amazed by the significant change in distance and wondered if it was a fluke. But, the consistence of length with all my clubs ruled this out.

The Apex 6 was no different. I hit 3 drives over 270 yards with the longest being 285 yards; again with no loss of control. I did notice that the Apex 6 was slightly more effective off of my fairway wood and long irons.

The Apex 6 provided better spin control on approach shots from 100-150 yards. I was able to go pin hunting because of the confidence that the ball would hit and stick. The Tour Performance S was slightly less effective, but not of any great significance. With both balls, I had to club down by one on most shots. The extra distance from the Forté golf balls was very welcomed as it improved my short game without making any changes to my swing.

Apex 6

The shot of the day was on the back nine. I was playing a 105 yard hole that played down hill by 50 feet. I hit a 3/4 gap wedge to within 12 inches. As my ball landed, I thought it was tracking towards the hole, but came up a bit short.

All the booming drives were nothing compared to this and other short shots throughout my round. The smash factor is fantastic, but my ability to control the Tour Performance S and the Apex 6 is what sold me on these golf balls.  I was so impressed that I would gladly play either in a tournament.

Both Forté golf balls produce great performance. I did not notice any discernible difference between the two. However, understanding the idiosyncrasies of golf, I would suggest the Apex 6 is for players with a greater swing speed than me. They would gain the benefit of a six piece ball.

Choosing, I would go with the Tour Performance S. At $41 Cdn a dozen, they provide the best value for my game. This ball offers the distance I sought without any changes to my swing. My game quickly improved just by changing my golf ball. This has not happened in many years; therefore, for my game, the Tour Performance S would be the way to go.

Without hesitation, I recommend both the Forté Tour Performance S and Apex 6 to any player looking to lower their golf score.

If you were wondering, I shot 4 over par on the front and even par on the back. Was this the result of the different golf balls, I am not sure, but a 75 is good no matter how I look at it.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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