The Cost of Playing Golf

One of the major drawbacks for starting golf seems to point towards cost. I would agree that the initial start-up costs can be hefty, yet I am not convinced golf is really any more expensive that football or hockey. Both sports (and golf) require a certain amount of equipment before anyone can play in an organized fashion. Unfortunately, the first response of why people will not play golf, it is the price of playing. Continue reading

Being Influenced When Buying Golf Equipment

Buying golf equipment.

From time to time, I like/need to replace my golf equipment. It is a necessary evil that all golfers who play as much as I do experience more often than normal. With the recent splitting of Sergio Garcia from Taylormade, I wondered if this action would have any real impact on the regular golfer. According to my research, not much. Continue reading

Golf Equipment: Which Driver is Best for You

Selecting the proper golf equipment for your game is tantamount to low golf scores. Ill-fitted clubs causes a loss of distance, accuracy issues, and inconsistency in your game. This is especially true for the longer clubs. Over the past 1.5 years, I have experienced the exact problem with my driver after I was fitted with my current Titleist 915 and have never hit it well. (On a side note, all my other fitted clubs are awesome) I am positive it is not a mental issue, but the fact the driver does not fit my game. Continue reading

Carrying Your Clubs – Lighten the Load

20160921_181530_hdrI like to carry my golf clubs for the first and last two months of my golfing season. I have accepted that as I age, carrying my clubs in the heat of summer is not any fun. I can physically do it, but there is less incentive to work that hard.

Carrying my clubs 4 to 5 times a week is great exercise. My bag weighs about 20 – 25 pounds and only holds the essentials to play golf. Over the years, I have realized that carrying extra stuff, is not the smartest thing to do and it does affect my game down the stretch. Therefore, I make sure I lighten the load before I play. Continue reading