The Word I Never Use on the Golf Course

There are many words that should never be said on the the golf course. Many are hissed under my breath, but there is one word I never use and I am not sure I can repeat it in this article either. It is a word I avoid at all costs because I do not want to empower it to creep into my mind. I need to focus on the positive aspects of my golf game to continue to move forward.

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Fixing My Alignment and Golf Stance

I am always looking for the ‘right’ way to hold my club, place my feet, and adjust my posture. I have read many articles, watch countless videos, and watch the pros adjust and set up their swing. Many claim to know the answer to our woes, but in reality they are trying to provide a solution to a sight unseen golf swing. Would we buy a car sight unseen? Likely not, so I ask myself why am I trying to fix my alignment or stance through recommendations and ideas that do not take into account on how I align or stand when making a golf shot. Continue reading

Fixing Your Golf Swing or Not!

Every player has a unique golf swing. It belongs to us and only us. It does not matter if we try to emulate Ben Hogan or Bobby Jones’ swing, our physical attributes ensure that when the club is in motion, it is one of a kind. Having said that, fixing ‘your golf swing’ is just as unique because any change must suited to your distinctive swing.

Yet, I ask you; when your golfing woes plague you (or at least you thing so) do you rush for a fix? Do you over think the possible challenges and grasp at any solution? If so, then I think it might be time for you to reevaluate your approach and take a deep calming breath. You solution is here! Continue reading