Fixing Your Golf Swing or Not!

Every player has a unique golf swing. It belongs to us and only us. It does not matter if we try to emulate Ben Hogan or Bobby Jones’ swing, our physical attributes ensure that when the club is in motion, it is one of a kind. Having said that, fixing ‘your golf swing’ is just as unique because any change must suited to your distinctive swing.

Yet, I ask you; when your golfing woes plague you (or at least you thing so) do you rush for a fix? Do you over think the possible challenges and grasp at any solution? If so, then I think it might be time for you to reevaluate your approach and take a deep calming breath. You solution is here!

I starting to play golf with my wife more often. She is a great student and enjoys practicing to improve her swing. Our rule for tranquility on the course is for me to not offer swing advice until ask. So far, our approach is working out very well and it root of this article.

How many times have you played golf with a person who tried 5 different swing changes in one round. Each time, “eureka – I found the solution”, they exclaim only to curse the change two swings later. Then, they revert back to their groove unique swing? Or worse, ask you for advice!

The golf swing is a very complex, fluid motion that has a multitude of opportunities to fail in less than one second. In that short time period, the slightest variation can produce horrible or awesome results. The challenge for most players is to zero in on that one millisecond to fix their swing. Most try the “hunt and peck” method, but the randomness of their approach opens a Pandora’s Box of other issues.

Fixing a golf swing is challenging enough without trying to change more than one thing at a time. The domino effect of many changes is unmanageable by anyone and avoided at all costs. I think managing change is accomplished in a controlled environment, like the range, in a very methodical process. It takes thought and patience…..but wait! Does your swing even need fixing?

As my wife continues to groove her swing, she sometimes gets into a situation where she needs my help. 90% of the fix is to remind her of something she already knows, but momentarily it slipped her mind. After my kindly reminder, she smiles and gets back to working on her unique swing. In this case, and I would suggest it is the same for most people, the fix was not to fix anything, but to execute what she already knows. It really is not any more complicated than that, I assure you.

This morning, I was talking to John through Twitter. I asked:

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Our conversation quickly changed to fixing our golf swing. John is an avid golfer and works at his game. We both concluded that slowing down our entire shot routine by first focusing on our pre-shot routine was the fix required to hit the ball as intended off the tee. As with my wife, we reminded ourselves of something we already do, but for some reason over-looked this simple, yet critical step in our swing. So the fix to our woes was no fix at all, just execute our unique swing as per normal!

That is my solution to fixing your golf swing. Execute all parts of what you know already and most of the time your swing will miraculously be fixed! If for some reason you are still struggling and need more advice, talk to your local pro – that is what they are there for!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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