Adjusting Your Golf Grip

In many instances, adjusting can replaced with words like: modify, alter, fine-tune, or rejig. The challenge of adjusting your grip ripples throughout your entire swing and as such, should be saved for the range. However, this is a discussion for another day. Today, I want to talk about why adjusting your golf grip can be a good thing. I have substantially changed my grip three times over my career and each time it brought my game to a new level.

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How Tight to Grip a Golf Club

Gripping a golf club is fundamental to a good swing. How we grip a club is a much talked about topic. It is one of the most popular posts at The Grateful Golfer and continues to grow in popularity. The mechanics of holding a club is very much a personal choice. There really is no right or wrong answer if the grip works for you. However, as less talked about topic is to how tightly to grip a golf club. How much pressure his applied to the grip to ensure the maximum movement and flexibility of our hands and wrists to maximize power during contact? Continue reading

The Most Popular Golf Grip

The golf grip sets up many parts of your golf swing. It is important to use the grip best for your game, but sometimes that is hard to determine. There are three main golf grips used by most players and depending on your skill level, physical ability, and comfort level, each grip is suited for your golf game. Continue reading

Updated Golf Grip Infographic

I try to bring fresh and new ideas to The Grateful Golfer most days. I enjoy conversing with like-minded golfers from around the world and sharing tips and tricks. Additionally, it is important to keep some of the older posts fresh and updated with the newest information. And that is what I am doing today. Continue reading