Do Golfers Really Try Golf Tips

I often wonder if most golfers try the golf tips that come across their path on a routine basis. At the Grateful Golfer, I take a great deal of time to offer different tips that might spark their interest. As a beginner, I tried many different tips / drills that were either too complicated for my skill level or did not fit into my exact requirements. Even to this day, I try some of the different drills I come across and try to see if they fit my game or not. Enough about my journey, I wonder if most golfers actually use or try different golf tips to improve their game.

The challenge most beginners just starting to improve their game is creating a plan for improvement. Where does a beginner start? How is possible to create something without the knowledge to understand what is needed. Hence, many golfers use the hunt and peck method to trying golf tips. I have to admit that I was one of those players early in my career. I did not have the understanding to realize that many of the golf tips/drills were not for me and I wasted a great deal of time trying different things.

Where does this leave beginners who legitimately want to improve their game. Well, after years of experience I think I can offer a bit of advice that will reduce the learning curve. This is the world according to me and I rely on my friends and readers to add to my possible course of action.

First, learn the proper grip. I cannot tell you which is best for you, but this is where every players should start. I recommend trying all three (at the range) and deciding on the one that best works for your game given your level of play.

The next to understand where your club bottoms out on our golf swing. That knowledge will determine where to place the ball in your stance. I learned this lesson later in my journey and I wish I had understood its value knowing where my club bottoms out. Here is a video to help you determine where your club bottoms out:

The last tip I am going to offer for beginners is on the putting green. I am strong supporter of the ‘back 6 forward 12’ putting stroke. What this means is that your follow through is at least twice as far as the your drawback. This movement does not help with line, but it does create solid contact with my putter. This skill is the foundation of my putting and it has served me extremely well over the years. When on the green, try this tip, you might be surprised at how it can improve our putting.

Well, these three tips should set any beginner on their way to success. Of course it will take some time and practice to hone these skills, but if you do, your learning curve will be shortened and you golf scores lower.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


4 thoughts on “Do Golfers Really Try Golf Tips

  1. Jim, the grip is where the rubber hits the road. It’s the only part of our body connected to the equipment, and thus the game. Learning it correctly is vital. I would add it is probably better to seek professional instruction if you are a beginner rather than experiment. You will be on your way much quicker letting an instructor recommend.

    Either overlap or interlock will be uncomfortable at first and need constant reinforcement and correction while they are being learned. 10-finger is more comfortable especially for those who played baseball. I observed this when I used to teach and had to focus my beginners to constantly correct their grip. I mostly taught overlap and found the beginner often lets the club slide into the palm of their lead hand rather than under the pad. I would agree that experimentation is fine at a more advanced level once you understand the correct techniques.

    On the golf tips, there are thousands. I have no hard data but would guess I try between 1 and 5 percent of what I consume.



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    • Brian,

      We are on the same page about the grip. I use the interlocking. My hands are not suited for overlapping for some reason. I have tried over the years, but to no avail. As far as professional lessons, I could not agree more. Getting lessons is important at the beginning to build a strong foundation of skills. Unfortunately, many beginners are not willing to fork out the cash because they do not understand the value associated with professional help. Hence, my encouragement to practice and try different things. I am hoping that it builds the desire to want to take lessons, but most players I know have never had a lesson and are not interested in doing so. It is a tough ‘chicken and egg’ scenario.

      Cheers Jim

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  2. That video is what I call the line drill. The best drill I’ve ever done and one I still do regularly though now I also incorporate some work on my turn too.

    As for your 6 back 12 forward I think that needs further explaining. I’m pretty sure you really mean 6 back 18 forward. In other words 6 inches back from the ball, 12 inches forward of where the ball was sitting before you strike it. Basically exactly what the pro’s say is optimal which is 1/3 back, 2/3rds forward. Correct me if I’m wrong.

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