The Last Quarter of the 2016 Golf Season

The seasons change very quickly once September arrives. It feels like just last week we were suffering through a heat wave. Now, it is below 10 degrees Celsius in the morning. Although refreshing, it is an eye opener for many golfers.

Early birds start to become a thing of the past because of the cool temperatures and very wet grass. Golf finishes by 8 pm instead of 9:30 pm. Layers of clothes creep into our golf bags as we prepare for the next two months of golf season. Continue reading

Golf’s Jedi Mind Trick

Water Hazard

The famous Jedi Mind Trick is the most valuable resource in golf. By using the force, golfers are able to clear their mind of all potential hazards and hit successful shots time after time. This skill is not a difficult as one may think, it really comes down to believing in your swing and course of action chosen for that moment.

I am sure many of you are questioning my sanity right now, but if you really think about it, golfers can eliminate potential hazards all the time. Whether it is a shot over water, sand, a tree or right down the middle of the fairway; we are able to blank out many unwanted distractions in a blink of an eye.

Personally, I use the power of positive thought. I never (or at least hardly ever) think about the negative aspect of any shot. I visualize the end result, pick my target line, look at the desired ball flight, select the proper club to achieve your intended ball flight, set up according to your target line, and then step up to the ball – swing as if I was nothing bad could happen. When I use positive visualization, good things happen a majority of the time.

This is not a difficult skill to learn. I suggest trying it anywhere on the course next time. Stand behind your ball; take a deep breath; let it out slowly and visualize the result you want. Sometimes it takes two breaths. When you are sure of the result, go through the above steps, then step up to your ball and execute! You will be surprised at the results!

Let me know how you make out!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!