The Last Quarter of the 2016 Golf Season

The seasons change very quickly once September arrives. It feels like just last week we were suffering through a heat wave. Now, it is below 10 degrees Celsius in the morning. Although refreshing, it is an eye opener for many golfers.

Early birds start to become a thing of the past because of the cool temperatures and very wet grass. Golf finishes by 8 pm instead of 9:30 pm. Layers of clothes creep into our golf bags as we prepare for the next two months of golf season.

Each year, the dilemma for northern clime golfers is when is enough, enough! We are a hardy bunch and do now scare easy….just look at some of the hazards we must over come!

However, there are some hazards we cannot overcome. Mostly, it is the cold temperatures that eventually bring that dreaded white stuff what is the dread of all golfers!


This brings on the inevitable question of when to stop golfing? When is it cold enough for players to put the sticks away for a long winters nap! I have golfed between Christmas and New Years’ once. I have played snow golf, but every year I must relent because the temperature has dropped low enough that golf is just not possible.

Recently, I asked others what they thought and this is their views on when it is too cold to stop golfing!

When do you stop playing? When is it too cold for you to play golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “The Last Quarter of the 2016 Golf Season

  1. Jim,

    As long as the course is open im usually willing to play. Last October I played one of my last rounds in 5 degree Celsius. It was calm and sunny so felt not bad. When the wind picks up in those temps it would be tough to play…hoping for a nice and long fall this year! That picture of the snow made me shudder


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