Time to Stop Harassing the GM and Superintendent For Things They Cannot Control

It is golf season in most of the northern climes! I chomped at the bit for so long waiting for golf season, I just need mother nature to cooperate. I have played 3 times (9 hole only) and want to get out more. On those days I could have played 18 holes, but carts were not available because the course was “too wet”. I mean common on, it does not seem that wet to me. So, lets get on with it! Additionally, the front 9 is still closed with no indication of when it is going to open. These are only a few of the current challenges facing my golf season from charging into full steam. So, what is the hold up; it has to be the General Manager and Superintendent!

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Frost or Rain Delays in Golf

As I walk from my car to the clubhouse, the sense of disappointment starts to grow as I see a congregation of players waiting to hit the links. They mull around the coffee pot making small talk waiting for the course Super to give the green light. As the numbers builds, so does our anxiety. Suddenly, everyone becomes a mathematician using complex algorithms to figure out when they will tee off and when we will finish. And that is before we factor in the ability of the players in front of us! Continue reading

The Unsung Heroes of Golf

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Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer

Golf has many easily recognizable faces. They are famous players who through an amazing contribution to the sport have risen to celebrity status. If I was to flash a picture of Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Payne Stewart, Annika Sörenstam, Tiger Woods, or Seve Ballesteros across the screen most of you would not give a second thought as to their efforts to make golf a great sport. It is natural for most golfers to associate with these legends and nod sagely as their accolades are listed.

Well, I would suggest that there are a group of unsung heroes that empower these greats to become greater, but never really seem to receive the accolades they deserve. These behind the scenes experts never take a bow, never seek the spotlight, yet work tirelessly so others can enjoy golf. The course superintendent is just that person! Continue reading