An Opinion on the New Rules of Golf

Well, after 11 months of the new rules of golf being implemented, I am not sure that there is any real difference to how most amateurs play. I mean, some of the new rules have made the game easier and yet, the instances where the local players sees a possible impact is almost negligible. I have tried to talk about many of the new rules, but it seems that most players who do not compete could not care less, they just want to play golf. Does seem right to you?

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The 20 New Rules of Golf

Actually, the changes to the rules of golf extend past 20. In 17 days, golf as we know it will never be the same because the new rules will allow for players to be penalized less for poor play. Overall, I think this is a good idea for the casual player looking for an outing on the links that is not wrought with frustration. However, for the lower handicap player, I think that the new rules allow a higher handicap player to compete better without playing better. Continue reading

Changing the Rules of Golf

The governing bodies of golf are changing the rules. Set to take effect in 2019, these rules will designed to make the game simpler for the average golfer to play. They are discarding the decisions book entirely and reducing the number of rules from 34 to 24. Well, I can say that it is about time! Continue reading