Changing the Rules of Golf

The governing bodies of golf are changing the rules. Set to take effect in 2019, these rules will designed to make the game simpler for the average golfer to play. They are discarding the decisions book entirely and reducing the number of rules from 34 to 24. Well, I can say that it is about time!

One of their unique ideas is to ask the public for comments on the proposed changes or to add any they think would enhance the fun of playing golf. Making the rules simpler will definitely help. Additionally, I have a couple of rules I would like adopted in the upcoming changes:

  • The 30 Second Rule – If you can pick up your ball and place it back in the spot you just hit from within 30 seconds. No penalty.
  • First Tee ‘Do Over’ Rule – You arrive at the first tee before 7 am and duff your drive – you get a ‘do over’ because you are not warmed up yet. No penalty.
  • The Putting Rule – On the first green, if it has not been cut yet, you can take two putts from the same spot to get a feel for the speed.  If the ball drops on either stroke count one!
  • Foot Wedge Rule – Used regularly and without shame anyway;  Each player is allotted one foot wedge per 9 holes. No Penalty.
  • Ball Replacement Rule – when on the green, you can exchange positions with another player once per 9 holes. No Penalty.

There you have it. New rules to make the game more fun and enjoyable for the weekend duffer. Before you point fingers, I am pretty sure you have used a couple of rules already. If we already use them, then let’s codify their existence.

Okay, I am kidding about the rules above being official, but I think it would be great fun to play in a tournament where these rules applied. Why not, golf is meant to be fun anyway.

What rule (s) would you like to seen in the upcoming changes proposed by the governing bodies of golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

10 thoughts on “Changing the Rules of Golf

  1. Hey Jim,

    I think the proposed changes to the rules are excellent. Better late than never!

    As much as you were joking about your rule suggestions, there would be no shame in casual golfers (who don’t keep a handicap) playing under those rules. If they aren’t playing in tournaments or matches where their handicap matters, does it really matter what rule book they play under as long as they’re having fun?



  2. I would like to see the Hand Wedge rule included in the regs. This rule allows a player, after three failed attempts with a Sand Wedge, to use their Hand Wedge to get out of green side bunker without incurring a penalty.


  3. Now that gave me some welcome pre-breakfast amusement (it’s early morning here in the UK)! I would introduce a rule allowing players to change ball during a hole. So I could tee off with a boring white ball but then have a choice of colours and patterns thereafter shot by shot. It would entertain me and totally confuse my playing partners. Cheers, Rob.

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  4. I got an email I think 2 weeks ago asking my opinion on the proposed new rules of golf. One or two of them I remember hesitating over, but for the most part, I was ok with what they proposed.

    As for your rules, The ball replacement one might be irritating, but I’d play that game. And I have certainly used the first tee and first putt rule. I change the foot wedge to lift and place within two feet or so (I’m happy to give a little extra to provide swing space). I’ve never used the 30 second rule but I’ve done lift clean and place for all shots before even without the inclement weather. My brother likes to play that way. And I shot a par once that way, but don’t count it towards that goal. I only count the rounds I play with the normal rules for goals and for handicap purposes. Now. I do still use them for bragging purposes among my friends though. Sometimes I even admit to the cheat. 😉

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