Watching Exciting or Steady Golf

The WGC-Mexico tournament last weekend was a great display of golf. There was everything! Hole in one, chip ins galore, steady play and then Phil Mickelson! I watched a fair bit last weekend and I was struck by the quality of young players making their way on tour. Professional golf has a great future.

If you were watching, the comparison of games between Dustin Johnson and Phil Mickelson was drastic, actually I am not sure they were playing the same game. I am not going to compare stats because that has no relevance to my discussion. I am talking about the excitement and energy generated by these fun players.

Dustin Johnson is a long hitting powerful golfer that makes his mark from tee to green. He is calm, relaxed and methodical as he plays. He short game is decent and his putting has improved immensely, hence the reason he is such a dominant player. As I watched him play, I was impressed by his steady golf. He does everything right and he generates quite a bit of interest as he plays. But, I am not sure I would label him as exciting to watch.

Phil Mickelson, on the other hand, is very exciting to watch. He did not play his best in the last round of the tournament, but man was it exciting to watch. You never knew what he was going to do next and as a result, I found it riveting to watch him play. We all know that Phil can strike a ball, but his scrambling and wedge play are legendary. I was amazed how Mickelson shot an even par round after his front 9 – 3 over par.

The stark difference in Johnson and Mickelson’s game is obvious. It is difficult to determine who I like to watch more. And I am not the only one:

Personally, I will go with exciting and pick Mickelson’s last round over Johnson’s. I know Mickelson did not win and that is the goal of a professional golfer, but for pure entertainment, Phil is the man!

What do you think? Do you like watching steady or exciting golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Watching Exciting or Steady Golf

  1. I’ve made fun of people before about their “boring” game when they were playing better than I was. Always hitting fairways and greens. And I was happy that I got the here it today myself near the end of my first nine.

    Watching Phil pull one out is always fun to watch, but I am way more impressed when they can make the game look boring. Both show talent, but sustaining that talent through 18 holes is hard.

    I’m excited. We have the tour in town this weekend and the races. Firestone Grand Prix runs through downtown and the Valspar tournament is only 45 minutes up the road. Decisions, decisions. Both!!

    They had two cars at the golf course last weekend at our club day, An actual car running in the race, and a two seater. I got a ride and a round and tried out that new Triton driver you mentioned. Felt good, but I like my old Cobra better.

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