Being Grateful For Golf

Considering my blog is title “The Grateful Golfer” one would think that I am a happy golfer every time I hit the links. This mental attitude is definitely at the forefront of my mind on the first tee. Unfortunately, like all golfers, when I am struggling with my game, remaining grateful can be a challenge. I start to have second thoughts about my game, my approach, and my reason for being there: does this sound familiar? Of course it is not earth shattering and I quickly forget my woes at the sound of my driver hitting the ball for the first stroke of my round. At that time, all the amazing reasons why I love playing golf come rushing back into my mind. I am in my happy place and life definitely takes on a new persona as I do become a grateful golfer!

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Nothing Stops Golf

With Remembrance Day recently past, it is important for us to remember to give thanks for the sacrifice of the many. Because fo them, we are able to enjoy our time on the links in complete safety with confidence that our courses are safe and secure. Unfortunately, for those playing golf in England during WWII, there were more hazards on the links than just sand traps. To protect the players, a list of Wartime Golf Rules were created and I thought it needed to be shared.

I find it interesting that during the desperate times of WWII, people still found time to for some leisure. I am not surprised that golf was on the list of activities, yet some of the rules are definitely worth a second look. For me, numbers 2 and 5 definitely caught my attention. Not sure I would be playing golf during those dangerous times, but it seems that nothing can stop golfers from enjoying the game they love.

What do you think of the Wartime Rules? Would you playing during those trying conditions?

I am a grateful golf! See you on the links!

Walking The Golf Path Of Gratefulness

There is a reason I called my golf blog The Grateful Golfer. As I tried to develop a positive mindset due to some medical challenges, I felt that talking about and sharing my ideas about my passion would allow me to focus on being grateful for the wonderful aspects of my life. After 10 years of musings, I can honestly say that my goal succeeded beyond my expectations. As I round the corner to the back nine of my life, I think it is time to double down and continue sending positive vibes of gratefulness into my 3 foot space and beyond.

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Being A Grateful Golfer!

I have no words of wisdom today to delve deep into skill development. Today, I am feeling grateful. Of course, I am grateful for the many blessings in my life that help me navigate the daily comings and goings. Keeping a grateful attitude even when many challenges test our resolve is a life path I choose to travel.

My life approach of gratefulness also applies to my golf game. Like you, I make mistakes, poor choices and mishits. It is a fact of golf, but as I experience each bump in the road, I always remain grateful for the great things in my golf game. My gratefulness helps fuel my passion of playing great golf and regardless of the results, it remains front and center in my mental approach. I am grateful, always.

Today is another fantastic day. I will be playing golf in the afternoon with some friends. I know that I will hit some good shots and some others, but no matter what I will be grateful for the time I spend following my passion.

I am sending positive thoughts out to the world in hopes that it helps others navigate their golf and life path. My your day be filled with joy and happiness. If nothing else, remember to be grateful.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

The Worst Time Of Year – Waiting for Golf To Start!

I have entered the time of year where times seems to have slowed to a slug like crawl. We have about 4 or 5 weeks of weather transition where most golfers in my area check the weather forecast at least three times daily. Personally, I one of those guys hoping that a sudden gust of warm weather magically falls around our region. But alas, that is not the case and I have to just patiently (not one of my stronger traits) wait for spring to arrive in earnest.

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