What Do You Think About While Standing Over Your Golf Ball?

I read many articles that suggest having no thoughts in your mind while making a golf swing. For the most part I agree with this approach because I try to do all my thinking before committing to swinging a golf club. For the most part, this approach has served me well and my 75 yesterday was a good example of clearing my mind before starting any club in motion. I confident that some players rattle through a plethora of pre-shot routine activities, but I have decided to keep it simple and follow Greg Norman’s advice.

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Aiming Each Shot Is Critical In Golf

I have talked about aiming each golf in previous posts. I used the Greg Norman view of ‘aim small miss small’! I hold to this approach and it works well for my game. I found a video by Rick Shiels that explains my exact process and think it is of value to all players. I do want to discuss why this process is very important and how taking the time to properly aim on every shot every shot.

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What Would You Be Thinking?

Dustin Johnson is leading after 54 holes at the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions at  Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai, China.  He took the lead from Rory McIlroy after the first round and continues to shoot very well.  Reviewing the stats and results, it is interesting to put yourself in Rory McIlory’s shoes.  The trend of playing well for a round or two seems to continue and he is slowing starting to fall back from the top of the leader board.

Image from:  http://www.theguardian.com/sport/2012/nov/25/rory-mcilroy-dp-world-tour-championship

What Would You Be Thinking?  Am I “The Shark”, Greg Norman?  He won many tournaments but slowly fell from the top of the world rankings by the combination of: players making miracle shots and your mental game slowly fading.  (The Shark is one of my favorites)

What Would You Be Thinking?  Am I John Daly?  The two-time Major winner was a flash in the pan who had the ability to play extremely well for but could not sustain anything substantial to remain on top.  Although a fan favorite, winning was sparse, but exciting!

What Would You Be Thinking?  Am I Michelle Wie?  Someone with unlimited potential to be another top-ranked player but could not sustain the spotlight.  Someone who was mismanaged and made many tough financial decisions that in the end will be more detrimental than expected.

What Would You Be Thinking?  Oh no, here we go again.  This cannot be happening!  The negative thoughts start affecting his game and he just cannot seem to get past the recent trends of not playing well for four rounds in a row.

Regardless of what Rory is thinking, he is too good a player not shake off this current funk.  He has the skills and drive to play back to the top of the golfing world.  He is a young player and with the proper guidance, his mental game will match his skill.  When that happens, look out!  He will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come!

What Do You Think?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!