Opening Our Mind to A New Approach To Your Golf Game

If you are wondering on which is the best approach to fixing your golf game, the short answer is I do not know. Depending on what you are trying to improve, a quick search reveals millions of answers. However, there is one important thing that is required no matter what strategy you employ – start with an open mind! Yup, without the six inches of real estate between your ears free of clutter, it will be journey full of false trails.

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Which Golf Club Can You Live Without?

I carry 14 golf clubs; each has a specific purpose and sometimes I do not play a specific club for a round or two. However, when I need it, it is there. Over the years, I have honed my club selection and really could not part with one of these tools. Having said that, I did pose the question of which club you could live without on #GOLFCHAT on Tuesday and I was surprised with the answers.

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Using a Hybrid to Chip

Accurate chipping is an important component of low golf scores. There are many influences on each chip and selecting the proper club, stroke, stance, and follow through are just a few. I consider myself a fairly solid short game player, but I am always looking for ways to improve my play around the green and using a hybrid seems to be a possible next step for me. Continue reading

5 Wood or Extra Wedge

How many times have you heard the question – should I replace my 5 wood with an extra wedge.  In 1980, Tom Kite first pro to put a 60 degree wedge.  He and Dave Pelz, a former NASA physicist, worked on creating the lob wedge to fill a gap determined by Pelz’s research.  It is a famous story and if you want more details the story is in the February 2013 edition of Golf Illustrated has all the details.  That unlikely team changed the face of golf.

Ultimately, there really is no right answer.  Previously I wrote on this same topic.  The response I received was 50/50 of using either club.  I originally felt that higher handicappers should use the 5-wood and lower handicappers the lob wedge.  I still stand by that assessment, however, my logic seems to have a bit of hole in it.

Many of the pros are carrying the 5 wood and an extra wedge!  They are removing their 3 iron.  The reason for this change is the dramatic increase in the use of hybrids.  The first hybrid golf club was the Rescue by TaylorMade in the late 1990s.  Designed to deliver the precision of an iron with the ease of hitting of a wood.  Personally, I recommend hybrids because they add a dimension to an amateurs game that allows for options when choosing between the two.

Choosing between a 5-wood and wedge is a tough decision.  I recommend that you experiment with carrying each separately and carrying both in a round.  I suggest that you play at least 3-5 rounds with each configuration to ensure an accurate sample group. Make sure that you keep track of how often you use the club and that is your answer.

I use a wedge vice 5-wood.  On a side note, I also use 3,4,5 hybrid.  This combination works best for me.

What is in your bag? 5-wood or extra wedge or both?

I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links.