5 Wood or Extra Wedge

How many times have you heard the question – should I replace my 5 wood with an extra wedge.  In 1980, Tom Kite first pro to put a 60 degree wedge.  He and Dave Pelz, a former NASA physicist, worked on creating the lob wedge to fill a gap determined by Pelz’s research.  It is a famous story and if you want more details the story is in the February 2013 edition of Golf Illustrated has all the details.  That unlikely team changed the face of golf.

Ultimately, there really is no right answer.  Previously I wrote on this same topic.  The response I received was 50/50 of using either club.  I originally felt that higher handicappers should use the 5-wood and lower handicappers the lob wedge.  I still stand by that assessment, however, my logic seems to have a bit of hole in it.

Many of the pros are carrying the 5 wood and an extra wedge!  They are removing their 3 iron.  The reason for this change is the dramatic increase in the use of hybrids.  The first hybrid golf club was the Rescue by TaylorMade in the late 1990s.  Designed to deliver the precision of an iron with the ease of hitting of a wood.  Personally, I recommend hybrids because they add a dimension to an amateurs game that allows for options when choosing between the two.

Choosing between a 5-wood and wedge is a tough decision.  I recommend that you experiment with carrying each separately and carrying both in a round.  I suggest that you play at least 3-5 rounds with each configuration to ensure an accurate sample group. Make sure that you keep track of how often you use the club and that is your answer.

I use a wedge vice 5-wood.  On a side note, I also use 3,4,5 hybrid.  This combination works best for me.

What is in your bag? 5-wood or extra wedge or both?

I am a grateful golfer.  See you on the links.

16 thoughts on “5 Wood or Extra Wedge

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      • Yes, all my woods including my driver are the old orlimar trimetal made in the late nineties, the very first ones. They are great clubs and perform better than their later models and the distance is great. They all have the EI 70 shaft. Great clubs still found very cheap on E Bay


  4. Neither, really. My bag includes Driver, 3-Wood, 3-Hybrid, 3,4, 5, 6, 7, 9, PW (48), GW (52), LW (60).
    Yeah, I know, I really should replace the 8-iron I broke two years ago, and that’s a big gap between the 52 and 60 degree wedges. But I’ve played without an 8-iron and sand wedge for so long that it’s really been a blessing, because I’ve had to learn to be creative with my ball flights from 150 yards and in.
    And yes, I hit a 3-wood, 3-hybrid, and 3-iron. I can hit all three effectively, usually on the same day, and they all will carry and travel distinctly different distances.
    Once I get through this swing change, the plan is to save up for a new set of fitted irons. Until then, I just keep trying to be creative.



    • Dave

      Actually, you have a very interesting set of clubs. Not sure I would want to be without an 8-iron because I use it alot. I understand the 3-wood, 3 hybrid, and 3-iron going different distances; they are designed for different things. Any idea on which clubs you might be looking when you get fitted?



    • Brain,

      I am the same way with my 56 degree. I hardly ever use it, mostly because I have it in my mind it is only for the sand. I will have to fix that this year. I use PW, 52,56,60 degree wedges. Thanks for the comment.



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