FEAR Eroding My Confidence In My Shot Selection

I have learned to approach most golf shots without fear. This is a self-taught skill that I employ routinely. However, there are still a few shots from time to time where the pucker factor grows and I feel less sure about the shot I have selected. The funny thing its, my FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) appears to manifest in a particular situation regardless of how much a practice. My apprehension is not constant, nor is always, but it does show up. And frankly it annoys me to no end!

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Intense Focus on Golf For A While

Do you ever need a break from golf – either watching, writing, playing or talking? I sometimes run into a brick wall and like to step away and focus on other things. In October, I find this month the most compelling to seek other things to do and shelve golf for a bit. And other times, life provides a natural break where other aspects of day to day living take priority. For me, the latter is about to happen.

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Using a 60 Degree Wedge With Success

Long ago I replaced my 5 wood with a 60 degree wedge. I figured that my 3 hybrid would fill the distance gap and for the most part I have things covered. I switch to the lob wedge because I felt it would help me lower my golf scores and increase my confidence around the greens when making a delicate up and down. I am here to say that this was a great decision and I have zero regrets.

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Do You Use All Your Wedges or Just Carry Them?

The rules of golf allow each player to carry 14 clubs. Because of this limitation, selecting the right clubs for my game is critical to low golf scores. Repeatedly, I have espoused that my short game is where my scoring resides and I believe that is the same for everyone. Therefore, years ago, I chose to take out my 5 wood and replace it with a 60º gap wedge. It is a decision I do not regret. This resulted in carrying 4 wedges when I play, but more importantly, I consistently use all 4 wedges. Do you? Continue reading