Committing to My 60 Degree Wedge

During yesterday’s round, I decided to make all chips with my 60 degree wedge. Recently, my wedge was crying due to lack of use, so it was time to blow off the dust and put this potentially amazing club to work. I committed to using my 60 degree for every chip under 20 yards. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about my decision, but I am happy with the results!

Each round I try to do something different to improve my game. Yesterday, it was time to use my 60 degree wedge to see if I still had the magic to get up and down more often than not. After the first two holes, I finally started to get into the routine of setting up properly. Additionally, I had to remind myself to hit the ball harder than normal to ensure the ball went far enough to either go in or be within 2 feet of the pin. I am happy to report that this happened 7 out of the nine times I chipped.

For those who do not regularly use a 60 degree wedge, there are three things to remember. First is to hit the ball twice as hard when you are chipping with a 7 iron for the same distance. Second, use the bounce of the club. It is important that the you use the bounce because it is critical to making great wedge shots. (all of my wedges are an eight degree bounce, for more details click here). Lastly, open the club face slightly. I have found that if I do not open my club face slightly, the leading edge of my wedge acts like a shovel. Opening my club face slightly also helps using the bounce of my wedge.

On a side note, I chipped in for birdie from 25 yards. This perfect shot helped me shoot a 77 (par 74) for 18 holes. It was a great scoring round and I was amazed that my 60 degree wedge worked as well as it did. It did remind me that I have to use all the clubs in my bag and not to shy away from the 14 clubs I carry.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


5 thoughts on “Committing to My 60 Degree Wedge

    • Gregor

      I just read a review on the Edison wedge. On the surface it looks interesting. I have not view either way as I have used and like the same wedges for years. It is a matter of finding the club that works for your game. Have you used the Edison Wedge?

      Cheers Jim


  1. The only really big difference between a sand wedge and a lob wedge is carry distance in your bag with all your wedges at 8 degrees of bounce. You can fully open the faces on both clubs and both with point straight to the sky and both will be the same height off the ground. The clubs leading edge will strike the ball in the exact same spot and take off in pretty much the same trajectory though the extra length on the sand wedge will see the ball going higher due to the slight increase in club head speed it’s longer shaft would create for the same amount of effort.

    With 8 degrees of bounce, your wedges are going to react in the turf pretty consistently. They will all share the same upsides and downsides. That’s both good and bad depending on how you look at it and how it effects your game. And I would say how much changes there is in the courses you play and the conditions you play in .

    I carry a 60 with just 5 degrees of bounce and a 56 with 10. That means the 60 is less versatile, but better suited for some shots and some conditions. The 56 is far more versatile but harder on at least some of the exact same shots where the 60 excels. And that holds true the other way. It’s a little more versatile setup I think overall. At least I believe that’s true for the wide variety of courses I play. In a wet bunker, having that lob wedge means I’ve got an advantage. In a dry, soft bunker that you sink in 4 inches with each step, having 10 and the sand wedge means I don’t have to worry about digging in too deep. And an uphill lie favors more bounce while a downhill lie can be helpful to use less bounce.

    Just sticking with median may be fine. You’re 8 seems to make you happy and I know I’m happy with 8 on my gap wedge too. But I do feel my setup is bringing me benefits as well. Basically widening the range of shots I that feel come easily.

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