Thinking About Removing My Lob Wedge

From time to time, I like to adjust the clubs I carry in my bag. For the longest time, I have carried a lob wedge instead of a 5-wood. After years of playing the same way, I think it might be time to make a change. I only use my lob wedge every few rounds (if that) and think, for the time being, I would use my 5-wood more than my wedge. Additionally, I could easily substitute my sand wedge for those shots. Therefore, making the swap sounds like a good idea.

If I make the change, it has to be for specific reasons that I have that a 5-wood would fill. Firstly, I do have a distance gap between my 3 hybrid and my 3-wood. It is around the 220 yard mark. In the past, that was my 5-wood distance. I will admit that I do hit that distance often, but it would be nice to to have that club in my bag again.

I think the place where I will gain the most advantage with my 5-wood will be off the tee. I remember hitting this club very well with a great ball flight. It was a very consistent club and rarely missed the fairway.

As you can see, I do not have any real plan other than to mix things up. I think it will help my game and force me to adopt a new approach to my course management strategies.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


8 thoughts on “Thinking About Removing My Lob Wedge

  1. It’s all about course and condition, your game and gapping. I can get away with carrying the lob even though I seldom require it with my current bag set up. I haven’t seen a course yet with this set up that makes me want something additional. Other than a better game that is. lol

    That said, your thinking is only half right. It’s not just the lob wedge you want to consider dropping to add a 5 wood, you should also consider leaving the 3 wood at home and going with the lob and 5 wood. On some courses, that’s all you’ll find you need to do the job well. You might miss the lob or 5 more than the 3 some places because of how your game aligns with a specific course.

    Here’s another question. Are you thinking about this because of the new course of because of something from the old course? I mean, I don’t remember you mentioning playing the new course last season though I do remember you saying it was close and have played it before. And since you didn’t mention the specific motivation other than you like to change it up, I’m curious to know how you came to this decision. Whether it’s also part anticipation or reflection. And if the latter, is it sometime you think might be more or less pertinent to the new course?

    The last thing though is are you sure you want to use THAT 5 wood? A more current version can be had cheap enough used that will provide a ton more forgiveness today. I’ve got a similarly aged 5 wood from Cobra in my closet that I wouldn’t use today knowing I could match the 1999 Speedzone’s in my bag for less than a 100 bucks online. Shipped. Far more forgiving that those old tiny heads ever were to my memory at least. I really wouldn’t even think of using that old Cobra except on a lark. I’m greedy, I want as much help as I’m allowed.

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    • Kevin,

      Great question. I have played my local course many times and a 5 wood will be more beneficial than a lob wedge. The area around the green is not as forgiving as my old course, so a lob wedge will not really work as well. My Callaway 5 wood is one of the best clubs I have ever hit. I love it and have great confidence in it. If I find that I really enjoy the switch, then I might look into buying a new one. But for now, I am good with using the old technology.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, you should give it a try (taking out the Lob Wedge). I don’t carry one and just use my SW.

    The other way to approach this is to add a 16.5 to 17 degree and take out your 3W. Many of us have done that because the 4W loft is very useful off the tee and off the deck. It works for me.

    Anyway, give all the options a try.

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  3. Jim, I’m on the same page as you. When I bought my Apex irons a few years ago I had to get an Apex gap wedge to fill the gap between the Apex pitching wedge and my own 52 degree. I played with a 52, 56 and 60 wedge for years so I took out my 5 wood to add the Apex gap wedge. As I am getting older and my distance off the tee has shortened I think the 5 wood is a better option in my bag than my 60 wedge I use perhaps a few times a round. Happy golfing!

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