How Important Is Your Tee Height?

The proper height of your tee when using a driver is critical! I can say this with my hand on my heart because I adjusted my tee to the proper height last season and it drastically improved my hitting percentage. I added some distance, accuracy and overall comfort when hitting my driver. This might seem like an odd statement because my driver is one of my best clubs in my bag, but committing to tee height change made it even better.

Ten years ago, I wrote an article on this very subject. Basically, I came to the same conclusions to the video below, but did not follow my own advice because it did not feel right. I still hit the ball well, but not as effective as I did in my 2021 season. Before outlining my challenges, take a look at the video below to see the proper technique (and why) if setting the right tee height when you hit your driver.

My challenge over the years is teeing my ball too low. I would only have the top of my ball peek over the my driver. I felt that I could hit more fairways with a lower tee. Additionally, I also felt that my swing suited a lower tee height. I was partially correct because I hit many fairways with relatively good distance. The overall challenge was I had to take a big rip at the ball to be successful. That is until last year.

In 2021, I decided to approach my tee shot with less aggressiveness. I found that I was starting to overswing and my balance was wavering. So, I decided to focus on my set up and to swing with a more controlled swing. I started with teeing my ball up an inch; then I moved my ball forward an inch and almost instantly found my sweet spot. My ball had a higher launch angle with less spin. I still hit the fairway 3 out of 4 times and with greater distance (about 10 yards on average). I accomplished all my success with an easier controlled swing. My changes in tee height was a huge success.

There are so many little things to remember when playing golf. Finding the proper tee height for your game is one of those skills that is a must to know. I realize that it took me many years to find my sweet spot, but that is history and my future of hitting great shots with my driver only looks bright.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “How Important Is Your Tee Height?

  1. Hit my two longest drives Sunday with tee it high and let it fly in mind. lol. Seriously this is one reason I love the new driver. I wipe it down after I hit it each time and I can see every dimple that touched that face when I hit it. It’s so distinct that you can easily see the difference in the amount of compression generated between my swing with a high compression ball and my friends using a low compression ball by the size and number of dimples in the imprint. I’m hitting it longer and compressing the ball more even though their using a lower compression ball than I am. Basically I learned I can judge my own swing speed by reading the size of the imprint of each swing as long as I keep the face clean between hits. The black face on this Cobra isn’t like any other titanium face I’ve used before. It’s not finished the same way and that makes the imprints show up better than any I’ve ever seen before and I like that about it. It’s going to be helpful. Has been helpful. I know where I hit every shot on that face. There is never any question about it.

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