How High Do You Tee Your Ball?

Image from Sports Illustrated

I have played with the concept to how high to tee my ball for years.  I have a tendency to tee the ball low with fairly good results.  This year, however, I struggled to get any real distance off the tee.  It appears that I have lost 20 yards with my driver and it has caused me some challenges on the long courses.  Of course, this is not something that any of us can afford.  So I decided to do a little research and this is what I found.

Sports Illustrated conducted an outstanding experiment on how high to tee your ball.  It is a quick read and everyone should take a look. It gives advice on using an iron or hybrid. Quoted from SI  “Within each of the three handicap levels, carry distance for mid- and high-tee heights was significantly longer than the low-tee height, largely an effect of the higher tees promoting higher launch angles and less spin. The high tee height provided the most distance, giving the players an average of 12 yards more carry per drive than the low tee height.”  Overall, I would rate this article a 10.

Videojug has a video Golf: How High To Tee Up With Different Clubs that gives an excellent visual overview of where to tee the ball and why.  It supports the Sports Illustrated article.

Brent Kelly at Golf says the same as the others, but at a different location.  Most agree that teeing the ball high will increase your distance.

Well, I am off to the range.  I have never teed the ball up that high.  I have always placed my tee low to medium.  I guess it is never too late to teach and old dog new tricks!  I will practice this new revelation and get back with the results!

How high do you tee the ball?


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