Hitting Ahead of the Tee Blocks

Hitting Ahead of the Tee Markers

2 Stroke Penalty – Stroke Play
Rehit – Match Play

On Friday I was playing match play against some friends.  We had a discussion about teeing the ball up ahead of the tee blocks.  Going around the foursome, I quickly realized that there was not going to be a consensus on the rule.  One said re-tee the ball, it was a two stroke penalty, it was a one stoke penalty, and the last said who cares.

Of course, I was quite curious about the actual rule.  I went to the RCGA website and the 2012 rules are posted in a PDF format.  I quickly read the rules and found out that rule 11-4. Playing from Outside Teeing Ground – applied to our conversation.

The rule states:
a. Match Play
If a player, when starting a hole, plays a ball from outside the teeing ground,
there is no penalty, but the opponent may immediately require the player to
cancel the stroke and play a ball from within the teeing ground.
b. Stroke Play
If a competitor, when starting a hole, plays a ball from outside the teeing
ground, he incurs a penalty of two strokes and must then play a ball from
within the teeing ground.
If the competitor makes a stroke from the next teeing ground without first correcting
his mistake or, in the case of the last hole of the round, leaves the putting green
without first declaring his intention to correct his mistake, he is disqualified.
The stroke from outside the teeing ground and any subsequent strokes by the
competitor on the hole prior to his correction of the mistake do not count in
his score.

I always thought the match play rule applied to all situations….I was shocked to read that in stroke play a 2 stroke penalty is applied and the person must rehit.  And a player can be disqualified from the tournament.  Now that I know, I am better prepared when playing in tournaments.  My day has not been wasted:  I learned something new.  I am a grateful golfer.

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