How High Do You Tee Your Ball – Revisited

In 2012, I wrote an article about the proper height to tee up your ball when hitting a driver. I used different sources and provided the 80% solution for the average golfer. If you read the research, you will find that most teaching professionals recommend a higher teed ball for making better contact, increased distance and more control. However, after 5 years of trying the various tee heights, I am not convinced there is one proper tee height for all the golfers. Are you?

Here is a standard and reasonable explanation of how high to tee the ball when hitting your driver. I like this article because the instructor offers 3 options for teeing up the ball considering the wind conditions. I would add that there are other factors, but I will explain that in a bit.

The above information is great fundamental knowledge when starting golf. It is important to understand why and when to use specific techniques. But, this information is only valuable if you modify or adjust to your golf swing. Exactly as I did.

I am not a high ball hitter. My swing is grooved over years of practice and I find that my ball is best teed at 1.5 inches or between the low and medium heights explained above. My ball travels at a reasonable height, but my greatest distance and accuracy happens when I tee it up lower than the norm. I do not feel I lose this distance. My writing today is counter to what I thought before, but I am comfortable changing my mind because my decision is based on practice, experiment and repetition.

I recently asked the question and it seems that most golfers agree with the norm. I am not fussed by their results, because it fits their game. And that is why there really are no right answers when it comes to developing your own unique golf swing.

As stated above, I have one other important factor relating to ball height. Michael Breed (video shot when he was at the Golf Channel) talks about spine angle and using your chest to develop a consistent golf swing. Take a look:

I came across this video a few years back and have used it to improve my driving of the ball. Last year, my friend Blair told me that I was driving the ball the best he had ever seen. My success was the result of several factor including the above video. One other adjustment I made was the height of my ball on the tee box. By lower my ball, I was hitting the sweet spot on them my club more often than not; hence the decision to lower my teed ball.

Making changes to your golf swing is not difficult. As you can read, it took about 3 years of working on my game to finally find the right solution. Now, to add a bit of perspective, I am a single digit handicap player and could usually drive the ball well, but now I am more confident and have far greater control hitting my driver. So, do not be put off by the length of time it took for me to change, because the lower your handicap, the more difficult to make changes.

Finding the proper tee height for your game is a process. I recommend you do not just focus how far to push the tee into the ground, but be aware of your swing as well. Using my chest as an indicator has helped me find the proper position so I can let the big dog eat!

So, I ask again: How high do you tee your ball? More importantly, Why?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “How High Do You Tee Your Ball – Revisited

  1. It’s a simple thing to find the proper height to tee the ball for your swing. You can buy special contact tape to adhere on the driver face or just spray the face of your driver with foot powder before you swing. See where the ball makes contact with the face. Adjust tee height to where the center of the ball makes contact just above the center of the club face to get the most from your drives.

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      • My first club fitting took place before computerized tracking systems so they used that tape on the face and on the bottom of the club to help get the perfect fit for my swing. I’ve seen it sold online, but the foot powder is simpler, and cheaper. The tape might be helpful for other reasons though. Knowing if your off the shelf clubs actually fit you for instance and maybe even minor tweeks to your swing plane. I think though that your divot should be enough for that if you learn how to read it. There are youtube videos for that too.

        Anyway, I realized after writing that that the can of foot powder is probably still in my bag. I used it about a year and a half ago now after my first lesson to see if I needed to adjust tee height too and I’m pretty sure it’s still there. Might be time to clean out the bag again. lol


  2. Jim, great video from Breed on the chest position. I am working on that constantly with my instructor. If you can get the chest to cover the ball, you can eliminate the flip with the hands at the bottom and the ugly pulled shot. The difficult thing I find is identifying the trigger to make that move consistently. It’s also harder when you get tired. Always something to work on. 🙂




    • Brian

      Thanks for adding. I have not talked about fitness and keeping the right posture through the entire golf shot. So many thing connected and so little time to work on things. Have an awesome day!



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