My Blind Spot on the Golf Course

Do you have a blind spot on the golf course? You know, that one shot you always try to make, but for some reason you are rarely successful. I think we all have one….well I know I do. It is that one shot that after every attempt, you tell your self that you know you can make it. Sometimes this shot costs a couple of extra strokes and other times we just get lucky.

190 yards to the middle of the fairway with a shot to the green.

My blind spot shot is 190 yards off the tee either to the green or a narrow fairway. I do not know why this shot is so difficult, but most of the time I pull this shot left. In my case, it is a smooth 3 hybrid or a hard 4-iron. Either I make with great consistency except off the tee! For some reason, trying to make this shot off the tee is like trying to thread a needle without my glasses on…..nearly impossible.

Of course this shot is purely mental, but for some reason I cannot overcome the woes of this shot. I have tried using a 5-iron and hit the ball perfectly straight, but I am consistently 10 yards short. If I use a knock down 3 wood (I do not carry a 5 wood) then I always long by 10 to 15 yards. It is a huge dilemma for my game because there are a couple of shots on my course, Osprey Links, that require this shot.

The strange thing is that if I am on the fairway making an approach shot, then no problem. I can hit a solid shot more often than not; however off the tee, it is a no go. I am not sure how I am going to fix this issue next year, but it is one of many challenges I face in the off-season. Hopefully, I will find a solution. If not, then a new course management strategy is needed.

This blind spot shot is a bit troublesome, any suggestions?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

8 thoughts on “My Blind Spot on the Golf Course

  1. Jim, that pull could be caused by anything and the yardage definitely limits club choice. I’d try and hit your 3-iron with a cut. You might correct an alignment or swing path issue and it’s safer than trying to bunt a 3WD. Good luck!


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  2. As you know all golfers are different. But what works for me is choking down on a stronger club on the long shots. I feel more in sync.
    However, my blind spot is that darn short side chip. I can do it real well in my backyard but on the course Its usually in long rough and will end up running like a dog off its leash.

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    • Steve

      Great advice about chocking down on a long iron, I have not been that successful in the past, but will have to give it a try. The short side chip is tough, I generally practice these shots with 3 lies: fluffy, half way down, and completely in the grass. Each takes a different stroke for my game. Practice is frustrating some times, but worth the effort. Thanks for weighing in.



  3. I can’t think of a particular distance that I fail at, but there are two shots I hate. I’ve finally gotten a bit better at hitting my 3 wood off the deck but I still prefer not to if I can get away with any other option. My history with that shot has too many bad memories to get over easily even though I have finally made some progress this year finally.

    The second one comes up even less often. A hooking punch shot. That one kills me almost every time. I know the technique but definately have a mental block when I have to do it on the course. I find a punch with a fade feels easy to me, but not with a draw. To me that even sounds weird knowing that it’s just a matter of swing path and face angle. But I have a mental cringe any time I think that’s the best option.

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    • Kevin

      The hooking punch shot is a difficult for us all for sure. You mentioned your 3 wood woes before and I am glad you are making progress with it. It is funny how we all have our own unique challenges. Gotta love golf for that!



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