Transition is Always Tough In Golf

Missing my range time.

I bet you are thinking I am going to talk about the transition periods of my golf swing, well not today. This transition is from playing 4 days a week to not playing at all. It is a tough time of year for those of us in the northern climes, but one we know and understand. However, it does not make things any easier.

It is the time of year that thousands of Canadian golfers walk around in a fog looking for something to fill their time. Some hunker down and just wait, while others find other activities to enjoy. It is a yearly routine that does not get any easier.

Filling the golfing void.

Personally, I like to take the time to catch up on my reading (not just about golf), enjoy some outdoor activities, and set goals for the upcoming year. All of this, plus more, takes time and helps fill my golfing void.

This year, my wife and I bought cross-country skis. Our local golf course allows us to use the fairways for this and snow shoeing. Both are great fun and helps keep me active and in shape. The real trick is to dress properly and enjoy the time outdoors.

During this period, other thoughts come to mind. I am a strong believer in continuing to move forward. I enjoy watching sports and movies on TV, however I also believe it is important to keep learning and expanding my knowledge on whatever topic catches my eye. I think that by seeking answers to questions helps keep me young, enthused, and mentally sharp. These traits are great for my overall state of health and of course my golf game.

Being open to new ideas and learning new things is transferable to golf. Golf is a great game and I know it is something I will never master. This seems like an odd statement, but it is true; I can always learn more about golf, which in turn helps me know more about myself. You may think I am placing far too much power in my golf game, but I believe everything is connected and as such, my off-season will be spent trying to learn new things and staying fit. Now is not the time to stop growing.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

Written by Jim Burton from The Grateful Golfer blog.

6 thoughts on “Transition is Always Tough In Golf

  1. I don’t generally find the transition all that tough. Sure rates went up and I have to play with Canadians more often this time of year, but I’ve never considered either a terrible thing. Lol

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  2. Yes, it must be tough shifting to a non-playing situation. Here, where we are lucky enough to be able to play year round, the transition is about adjusting to the ball not going as far in cooler air, and moist or wet fairways and greens slowing things down, plus playing in layers of clothes that you don’t have to wear in summer. It becomes a rather different game, but I count myself fortunate rarely to be in a position where I can’t play. Cheers, Rob.

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      • I am so wedded to the Chrome Soft that I am reluctant to use a different ball, but yes I do sometimes. I will use a Titleist DT TruSoft as it’s a lot cheaper and not such a loss when a ball proves hard to find among autumn leaves or the longer winter rough. I would like to use a Callaway SuperSoft, also much cheaper and softer, but I just can’t get on with it on the greens. Cheers, Rob.

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      • Rob

        Those are reasonable.choices. Here where it is cool in the spring and fall, I use the wilson 50. I have searched around and doind it for my game. It is an inexpensive ball, but don’t let that fool you. If you want a soft ball the Wilson Duo is available. I did a review of them a year or so ago. Might be worth looking at for the cool temperatures.



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