Creating Power in Your Golf Game

It is challenging to hit the ball a long way. In some cases, it is challenging to hit the ball at all. Interestingly, regardless of who you talk too, most golfers over-estimate the distance they can hit the ball. A perfect example is “The Rock” claiming he hit the ball 490 yards and John Daly disputing his long tale. I am not sure exactly what went on, but I am leaning towards Daly and would have to see it to believe it. Continue reading

Who Likes Talking About Golf?

Greg, always teaching!

It is always a good time to talk golf.

The PGA Championship is in full swing and media hype is continuing to grow. Every sports venue is pontificating on the possibilities of what is to come. It appears that the Tiger watch is over, The Open Champion, Zach Johnson, is done, and John Daly shot a 10 on a par three (and threw his club in the water). All of these, and many more aspects of this Major, top the list of things people like to talk about. It appears that no matter where golfing nuts turn, all eyes are on the last Major of 2015…..or are they?

Since the start of the PGA Championship on Thursday, my regular day consisted of work, talking about golf, playing golf, and following the events of this weekend’s tournament. Surprisingly, while talking about golf with my friends it had nothing to do with the PGA Championship.

  • I had a discussion on Facebook with a friend about the advice I gave him last week about keeping his left arm straighter during his swing. He was filling me in on how this advice helped and what he was doing to improve his score.
  • I talked to a friend about how a high follow through (putting your right wrist on the nape of your neck to finish your follow through) was helping him crush the ball with a slight draw. His excitement was contagious.
  • I discussed the attributes of learning to play slowly while on the links yesterday. We discussed that slowing our pace and taking more time to read putts helps pass the time when waiting for others to play.
  • And, an old friend dropped me a line and we were able to set up a game at Keystone Links Golf and Country Club on Sunday. Neither of us have played this course, but more importantly, we will get a chance to catch up.

Talking about golf is a daily thing for me. It does not matter what the aspect, with whom, or when, it just happens. It is not that golf is my only interest, but I never shy away from the opportunity to talk about my favorite sport. Of course being from Canada, we talk about hockey and basketball in the winter, but if the topic of golf comes up, I am always game.

So, I ask again, Who Likes Talking About Golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

What Would You Be Thinking?

Dustin Johnson is leading after 54 holes at the World Golf Championships-HSBC Champions at  Sheshan International Golf Club in Shanghai, China.  He took the lead from Rory McIlroy after the first round and continues to shoot very well.  Reviewing the stats and results, it is interesting to put yourself in Rory McIlory’s shoes.  The trend of playing well for a round or two seems to continue and he is slowing starting to fall back from the top of the leader board.

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What Would You Be Thinking?  Am I “The Shark”, Greg Norman?  He won many tournaments but slowly fell from the top of the world rankings by the combination of: players making miracle shots and your mental game slowly fading.  (The Shark is one of my favorites)

What Would You Be Thinking?  Am I John Daly?  The two-time Major winner was a flash in the pan who had the ability to play extremely well for but could not sustain anything substantial to remain on top.  Although a fan favorite, winning was sparse, but exciting!

What Would You Be Thinking?  Am I Michelle Wie?  Someone with unlimited potential to be another top-ranked player but could not sustain the spotlight.  Someone who was mismanaged and made many tough financial decisions that in the end will be more detrimental than expected.

What Would You Be Thinking?  Oh no, here we go again.  This cannot be happening!  The negative thoughts start affecting his game and he just cannot seem to get past the recent trends of not playing well for four rounds in a row.

Regardless of what Rory is thinking, he is too good a player not shake off this current funk.  He has the skills and drive to play back to the top of the golfing world.  He is a young player and with the proper guidance, his mental game will match his skill.  When that happens, look out!  He will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come!

What Do You Think?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!