Creating Power in Your Golf Game

It is challenging to hit the ball a long way. In some cases, it is challenging to hit the ball at all. Interestingly, regardless of who you talk too, most golfers over-estimate the distance they can hit the ball. A perfect example is “The Rock” claiming he hit the ball 490 yards and John Daly disputing his long tale. I am not sure exactly what went on, but I am leaning towards Daly and would have to see it to believe it.

Creating power in golf is very important to lowering golf scores. Currently, I hit the ball on average about 240 yards off the tee with my driver. This is not a long distance by any means and it is the greatest weakness in my game. Fortunately, I hit my ball straight most of the time and that makes up for being considered a short hitter.

With the golf season just around the corner, it is time to focus on areas of improvement to reach my goal of being a scratch golfer. After some thought, creating power or club head speed is my number on goal this year. I have talked to 4 teaching professionals and all have stated the same thing: I need to create more separation between my hips and shoulders to create more power.

You can see from my set up above that everything looks pretty good, except during the start of my down swing. I do not create the separation between my shoulders and hips to increase my club head speed. I am not sure exactly how I am going to accomplish this change, but fortunately, I have time to figure that out.

Lets not forget that this minor or major change will influence other aspects of my swing like grip tension, tempo, balance, weight distribution, and follow through. Nothing is ever changed in isolation in the golf swing.

As the spring approaches, I am going to focus more on my flexibly before I hit the range for the first time. I have worked on my fitness and flexibility will have to take a front seat for a bit. Additionally, I will  be looking for some drills to improve my driving distance so if you know any, please pass them on.

Lastly, I will need to manage my expectations. I am not trying to boom the ball out 300 yards because I do not believe that is possible. However, averaging 255 – 265 yards with my driver over the year is realistic and would make a tremendous difference to lowering my golf scores. Now I have a goal, time to create the plan.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

12 thoughts on “Creating Power in Your Golf Game

  1. I have one thing for you to look at in your video. At about the 20 sec mark if you can stop the video when your hands are back at about belt level, you will see your wrists have already started to uncock. So one reason you are losing club head speed is because you are casting. Not a huge amount, but enough to lose quite a few yards of distance.

    I remember mentioning that your club head “bounced” at transition when I saw the video of your swing from back in December I think. I recognized that from my game. To get past it, I had to practice slowing the back swing down to a crawl and adding a slight pause at the top in the practice swing. That helped create the opposite effect. When I get that right, my wrists cock more as I start the down swing and I can hold the wrist cock longer and thus generate more club head speed at impact.

    I’ve got one 400 yard drive under my belt, but I don’t attribute that to anything with my swing or my game. That was all hurricane force winds. The same can be said about the one 340 yard green I reached. So if you can’t figure out how to gain the yardage yourself, my recommendation is to make a sacrifice to the golf gods to always have the wind at your back.

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  2. I have always been a big hitter and I once hit a drive 404 yards in a long-drive contest. True story for another time. I was taught the only thing that matters for distance is to create lag. The clubhead must lag behind the hands as long as possible. The more lag, the more distance. Sorry, I don’t have any drills.

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  3. Hi Jim, I am not long off the tee, but I have found that if I try to increase club head speed, I lose all control over where the ball is going. It may be longer, but not on the fairway. I shot 85 Friday, and am happy with that, but still think I can do better. We are now coming into winter, so it will be a challenge to get lower. But really not too much difference from the so called summer, which has been the wettest ever !!!

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  4. Jim
    Sounds like a solid plan in search of distance. Flexibility, especially in the hip flexor is helpful for me to create the separation. I’ve been going to yoga once a week.
    Good luck. 👍🍀

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  5. Jim, I’ve looked at your video and think you definitely have the potential to add that 15-25 yards with your driver, but you need to leverage your lower body more. Gotta bump that left hip out over your leg to start the down swing. As it is now, it’s stationary and your power leak is caused by your upper body initiating the move. Look at the golf bag in the back ground as a reference point and see how much of it remains visible when you are at contact. You should be covering that up with your left leg.

    Good luck!


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