Winning Golf Tournaments Is About Who is Hot and Who is Not

We spend hours honing our golf skills. The very dedicated players will hit the gym, range, and course on the same day. It becomes a life style that produces winning results, or does it? I recently concluded that winning a professional golf tournament boils down to who is play great golf for a period of 4 days. Occasionally, a player will win two weeks in a row, but then go quiet for a while. It is impossible to sustain a winning form for longer, the days of dominant players like Tiger Woods or Vijay Singh are over. Continue reading

Winning a Jordan Spieth Hat

Do you enter golf contests? I always do and over the years I consider myself fairly lucky. For the most part, I think most contests are legit, but from time to time, the contest turns out to be a bust.

Well, not in this case because Pete Pappas is true to his word and I am the proud owner of a Jordan Spieth hat. Here is a link to his give away contest. Continue reading

The Masters – A Disappointing Day 1

Were you disappointed with Day 1 of the 2018 Masters? Was the thrill of stellar play felt throughout the day as you watched Augusta National give and take away strokes at will? I watched Amen Corner for most of the day and did not see any exciting shots except for Freddie Couples holing his sand shot on the 12th. Is it me or were most of the players playing a bit conservative in order to stay in contention for the weekend. Everyone except for Sergio Garcia that is! Continue reading

The Dangers of Watching Golf

As a spectator, you should be safe watching golf on the course. There are many stories of people being hit by the ball and this appears to be an acceptable risk of being at a live sporting event. I guess that is true when there are thousands of people mulling about, however what about when the course is not pack and you can stand just about anywhere. Should standing in a safe spot be a consideration when viewing professional golf? Continue reading