Winning Golf Tournaments Is About Who is Hot and Who is Not

We spend hours honing our golf skills. The very dedicated players will hit the gym, range, and course on the same day. It becomes a life style that produces winning results, or does it? I recently concluded that winning a professional golf tournament boils down to who is play great golf for a period of 4 days. Occasionally, a player will win two weeks in a row, but then go quiet for a while. It is impossible to sustain a winning form for longer, the days of dominant players like Tiger Woods or Vijay Singh are over.

Jordan Spieth explains it perfectly. The only counter I have is that I do not think that only 10 or 12 players will stay at the top, I think any player at any time has a chance to win on the PGA Tour. It will be a revolving door of players leading the tour and players like Justin Thomas will pop up, win 5 events and then cruise for a few years. The may never do it again.

In the 2016 – 2017 golf season, “there were 28 wins by 19 different players in their 20s this season, which is the most in PGA TOUR history by a country mile.” The youth of the game are amazing and show no fear while playing the old vets (who are in their 30s). The aura of dominance that Tiger Woods had is over. It is anyone’s game now!

Take Webb Simpson: At 32 years old, 4 Tour wins, has not won since 2014, and in my opinion is a journeyman player. He pops into the top 10 a few times a year, but most is a top 25 player. Suddenly, he is leading into the last day of The Players Championship. He is playing extremely well for the first 3 days and looks to cruise to a win today. He is the hot player right now and after this win, will likely go back to being a journeyman player. It is the nature of golf in 2018.

From my own personal experience, being hot going into a tournament will make or break your final standings. Many events I played my normal game and consistently finished in the top 10. However, when I am streaking (and I generally cannot tell when it happens until it happens) I vie for the winner’s circle. That is the way it works for most players.

To be fair, the top 20 golfers in the world have a greater chance of being hot going into a professional event. Their daily routine prepares them for success, unfortunately if they are not the hot player of the week, their chances of winning diminish greatly. As the rest of the golf season unfolds, 1 or 2 players may pop up and win multiple times, but they will never really dominate the tour.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Winning Golf Tournaments Is About Who is Hot and Who is Not

  1. Jim, you’ve just described the deepest and richest talent pool on the PGA Tour in history. It’s absolutely true that anyone can win on any given week. If Jack Nicklaus’ major record will ever be broken, I don’t think it will be by someone currently in the game, or maybe even alive today.

    Thanks, good read!


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  2. I watched a bit of the after game commentary tonight. They brought up the point that Web learned to putt when anchoring your putter was allowed. And his stats this year show that he looks to have found his solution finally. I think we’ll see him a little more often going foward if that holds true.

    But we have a lot of talent out there and any of them get be hotter over the 4 rounds than the rest. I don’t see another dominating golfer on the horizon in the near future either.

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