Teaching Golf to Juniors

Yesterday was a fun day for me! I was fortunate to go to the range with Chase, 8 years old, his Dad Jody and his Uncle Kyle (both Jody and Kyle are my cousins). Since Chase recieved his clubs a month ago, he anxiously waited to go to the range for the first time.

Chase is an avid baseball player and a very good athlete for his age. He specifically asked if I would take him to the range and of course I agree without hesitation. Continue reading

The Importance of Junior Golf Programs

Image from:  http://coloringpagespictures.classykido.com/1261.htmlGolf is a wonderful game!  It is the only sport where each competitor is the referee, player, equipment handler, and ambassador.  It is designed to teach etiquette, patience, fairness, and goodwill towards your fellow competitor.  It is a great place to meet new people.  In the article Camaraderie: Golf as a Contact Sport The Mindful Golfer asks where can you go and meet total strangers and play a sport for five hours?  This is very true.  Golf provides so much it is hard to believe that not everyone is playing.

The great aspects of golf are rooted in tradition and are generally taught through interaction with fellow golfers.  As adults, we understand that golf has certain written and unwritten rules that are to be followed for the benefit of all.  There are methods of teaching, training and educating amateurs that should enhance the joy of playing. Unfortunately, as adults we are not as quick to learn new things.  We like to do things our way and sometimes forego learning certain aspects of the game that do not interest us.  This devil-may-care attitude may cause stress to those who really love the game.

This is where the importance of junior golf programs shine.  Junior golf programs help foster and develop all aspects of the game.  They teach younger players values of honesty, integrity and respect both on and off the course.  Many national organizations and programs promote junior golf.  Their importance to the overall health of the game cannot be overstated because the next group of great players need a way to excel towards being the next Jack Nicklaus.

Guru’s Golf Blog reviewed a book called Inspire Junior Golf by Rick Grayson. The book deals with many aspects of golf from the view of players, teachers and coaches.  Specifically, he states that team sports provide an opportunity for players to develop teach-ability, character, integrity, perseverance, a positive attitude and self-esteem.  Well, golf is both a team and individual sport that teaches all these and more.  Sounds like awesome traits to be teaching you athletes or casual players.

Junior Development Golf Canada‘s mission is “To be the future of junior golf and the go to resource for everything related. By offering easy access for junior golfers looking to learn, develop or advance their golf game. As dedicated professionals and golf coaches we will work in partnership with courses, communities and sponsors, to grow local programs, national initiatives, our brand and the game.”  The JDGC is starting to grow and expose many younger players to the opportunity of playing golf. This type of program provides an avenue for golfers to excel to greatness.

The British Junior Golf Tour is also providing unique opportunities for young players to hone their skills.  They continue to expand their partnership base and are associated with many other groups in Europe and North America.  They outline the expectations of playing in their tournaments through a code of conduct.  This is an excellent way to promote the positive aspects of junior golf.

All the programs that help develop junior golf are extremely important for player development.  Probably none are more important than the junior programs offered by your local course.  Generally, a group of keen amateur golfers with low handicaps start a junior program to promote the sport.  They provide young players the opportunity to learn and have fun.  These programs are equally, if not more, important to the development of young athletes as players and as a person.  Check out your local course, it may be the best thing you ever did for you developing athlete.

Sports Is Everything to many armchair, amateur, professional, part-time, or just want to have fun athlete.  It is an opportunity to stay fit, have fun, win bragging rights, or just learn something new.  Junior golf programs are outlets to many young athletes seeking something for which they do not even know they are searching.  Golf is a great sport and by teaching honesty, integrity and respect to the young can only be good for everyone.