Focusing On The Good In Golf

Golf is a sport that can easily drag our mental focus negative aspects of results. Like crabs in a bucket, it is difficult to emerge from playing poorly because our mind continues to drag our focus to what is instantly going wrong. If I was a sports phycologist, I would state that this is the number one mental mistake all amateurs make; we are too quick to focus on the poor shots and overlook the good shots. I am not sure how this trend starts for most players, but I believe that by setting up a mental road block, we can avoid the darkness of negative thoughts and play better golf!

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How To Follow Up After Great Round Of Golf

At sometime during our golf season, we have a great round where we walk off the course thinking that we have turned the corner to better play. Just to come out the next time to shoot a poor round that we want to forget. It happens to us all, even professionals. There seems to be no specific reason for this collapse, yet it still happens more than we hope or want. Keeping this in mind, how do we follow up our next score to match the great round we just played. I have a few suggestions if you are interest.

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How to Create the Golf Game You Want

Over many posts, I add a line of “create the day you want!” I believe that we have control of our daily actions and as such are able to dictate the path we choose on any given day. This mindfulness thought process is at the core of my daily life. All my actions or in-actions create the day I intend. It is not a difficult concept, but on that has a profound impact on my overall well-being. Well, my golf game is the result of the same mental thinking!

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Breaking Par in Golf

Breaking par in golf is the ultimate benchmark. I realized that it is out of the realm of possibility for many players, however other than having a solid game, there is one trait that all top golfers share. These élite players expect to shoot low scores and a desire to continually play better is the corner-stone of great golf. Continue reading

Motivated About Golf

Motivation Monday is a very large theme on social media. It is designed to start the week off on a positive step for many making their way to work. Personally, anything that offers the opportunity to create a positive attitude or positively influence our thoughts is a good thing. I will admit that on some Mondays, reading these quick notes helped to motivate me. For example:

This follows my views relating to the Law of Attraction for life and my golf game. Being motivated to golf is deeply rooted in my thoughts. It is important to manifest the positive attributes wanted to produce lower scores. This is a simple process that requires continual effort; yet, it is not arduous or difficult. Staying motivated to golf is not just about playing golf! Continue reading