Is It Too Cold for Golf, Yet?

As the temperatures plummet, it time to decide how cold is too cold to hit the links. I generally try to extend my season as much as possible and this year is even more important. The funny thing about cold weather is that 7 degrees on separate days could result in me golfing on one day and staying home drinking coffee another. There are no set rules, but for me I have some guidelines I follow when it is cold. Continue reading

Golfing in Layers to Keep Warm

Yesterday, I was talking to my friend Padraig, who lives in Ireland, about his round of golf.

At first I thought what a beautiful day, but after a quick conversation, he reminded me that it was the time of year to dress warmly because looks can be deceiving. As I hit the the links today, this article will be of great value to my game.

Golfing in cold weather is a challenge for many of us living north of the 49th parallel. Our golfing season can last up to 7 months, but during 3 of those months, we had better be ready for turbulent weather. Excluding rain, cold weather is the greatest challenge for avid golfers in the north. It is not unusual to play golf in single digit (Celsius) conditions early and late in the northern golfing season.

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