Is It Too Cold for Golf, Yet?

As the temperatures plummet, it time to decide how cold is too cold to hit the links. I generally try to extend my season as much as possible and this year is even more important. The funny thing about cold weather is that 7 degrees on separate days could result in me golfing on one day and staying home drinking coffee another. There are no set rules, but for me I have some guidelines I follow when it is cold.

First, it appears that most people do not put their clubs away at all. I would suggest that they live in warmer climes and do not see snow except on TV.

In my neck of the woods, October is a hit and miss month for playing golf. For example, last Sunday was our closing tournament. Unfortunately, it was so cold, I only lasted 10 holes. I could not handle it anymore. Of course, my weakened state had something to do with it, but even my friends were very uncomfortable.

Osprey Links closing members tournament. It was only 8 degrees all day!

If last Sunday was not a tournament, I would not have played. It was far too cold even though I was wearing four layers of clothes. There was no sun, lots of wind, and a bit of rain. Overall, the temperature was terrible would normally keep me from the course.

There are two deciding factors for golfing in cold weather. They are simple and easy to judge. The first is rain. Even if it is sprinkling, that is enough for me to stay home and write an article from my blog. Being wet in the cold is a no go for me. The second is wind. If the wind is anything more than a breeze, I really contemplate hitting the links. The front nine of our course is wide open like a links track so the wind cuts through me like a knife. A mixture of wind and cold is not fun for any golfer.

Golfing in cold weather is tricky. As much as I want to play, it does not make any sense to hit the links and be miserable the entire round. I would not consider myself a fair weather player; but I am not a die hard player that will play in any weather. I guess as I get older, cold weather has a greater impact on my decision to play than I thought.

Does cold weather influence your decision to hit the links? If so, how cold is too cold?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Is It Too Cold for Golf, Yet?

  1. Jim, not sure how you can play golf dressed like the Michelin Man. That looks WAY too cold for me; how’d you last 10 holes? Looks like you should treat yourself to a week of off-season golf in Florida or something of the like. You deserve it!

    Stay warm,


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    • Brian,

      It was hard to swing the clubs for sure. The key is to swing very easy. You loose distance, but not that much. It is something you have to adapt too playing in northern climes. A week down south sounds awesome, next maybe once I am recovered.

      Cheers Jim


  2. I’m with you on the cold and wet thing. I don’t want to play in the rain if it’s below 60. I haven’t had to worry about that much though. Especially these past few years. I think I wore layers maybe three times last year and you Canadians that were down here wintering were still in shorts on those days and laughing at us Floridians for being cold. lol

    I think I’ve played maybe 4 or 5 times when it was below freezing. Once it started snowing before I finished. But it’s not something that has come up often. Just when I vacation in the winter. Not my favorite time to leave home. It’s nice here then.

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