Feeling Inspired

What inspires you to excel?  Have you ever been in a situation when watching athletes perform at an élite level sweeps you in to the moment?  Has someone ever inspired you to achieve greater success in your life?  These and many other similar questions are thinks that I think about from day-to-day.  

This exact situation happened to me today while I was working out.  As per my previous post about my goal to be a scratch golfer this year, I have embarked on a fitness program. So far I have been very successful and doing well at keeping to my 30 minutes of lifting weights and 30 minutes of cardio four days a week.  Additionally, I throw in walks, yoga, squash and snow shoeing on the off days.

InspirationAnyway, as I was saying, while working out today I was watching the Olympics. Specifically, the 1000m woman’s speed skating relay race where Canadians were going for gold.  As I watched the speed, precision and athleticism during the event, I found myself going faster and faster on the elliptical machine.  It was crazy; next thing I knew I went one kilometer further than normal and felt great.  As I watched, I unwittingly became inspired and exceeded my expectations for my work out.  I thought this was pretty cool.

The more I thought about the situation, the more I realized that I am inspired by many of the people in my life.  For example my darling wife who always knows how people are feeling and what to do; my friend who called me every week during some medical challenges I had a few years back; my friends in Hawaii who introduced me to the law of attraction and are LIVING their lives; my daughter who no matter what chooses what is best in any situation; I am truly blessed to be surrounded by inspiring people – I am grateful they are in my life.

So how does the relate to golf you may ask.  Well, golf is a mental game.  Every time you hit the links your mood, thoughts, attitude and mental awareness affect your game.  This is one sport where it is beneficial to have the whole package – the mental and physical.  My best scores have always come on the days when I felt inspired.  It is difficult to sustain the euphoria of inspiration, but I believe having inspiring people in my life is a great way to start.

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links.

The Ability to Score

Putting to Win!Do you have the ability to score in golf?

This question has many dimensions.  Each player will have a different answer on which aspect of golf is important enough to enable them to consistently score lower.  This question has nothing to do with establishing a handicap or periodically having a great round.  No, this is not course management either; although course management is extremely important!  The question focuses on consistently identifying moments in a round where strokes can be saved.

How exactly does an amateur golfer excel at identifying these important moments?  To understand the ability to score, answer the following questions:

  • When looking at a shot from the middle of fairway, do you examine all your options?
  • When in the rough, do you look at the grain of the grass before selecting a club?
  • When just off the green, do you use different wedges depending on the slope of the green?
  • When on the tee, do you visualize how to play the entire hole?
  • When on the green, do you understand the importance of a lag putt?
  • On your approach shot, do you focus on more than just yardage before club selection?

If you answered yes to these questions, then you have the ability to score in golf.  The mental aspect of the game is equally, if not more important than being able to hit the ball a country mile.  Focused attention to the finer points of playing golf will definitely lower your score.

If you’re wondering how to gain this skill, well it starts by asking the above questions. This was not an all-inclusive list, but the start of the many finer points that élite golfers pay attention to while walking the links.

So, I ask again; Do you have the ability to score in golf?

I am a grateful golfer!  See you on the links!