What is Your Golf Age?

I laugh to myself all the time when I discuss age with my friends. I am at the vintage where I remember things that might be considered ‘ancient history’ by today’s generation of golfers. Regardless, age is something that is as much a mental state as physical. My view is very evident when you talk to golfers. Many of us believe that we are still in our mid 20s or 30s; when in fact those days are long past. But, is this really a bad thing?

It is interesting that society seems to shackle people with the misconception about what is deemed acceptable as we age. This is obvious at my current golf course when they have a tee box for “seniors”. During events, you have to 65 or older to play them and I think that this approach is wrong.

I a supporter of tee boxes being rated for the quality (handicap) of your golf game. Age should not have anything to do with it because that is the how golf has tried to equalize the playing field. A perfect example is a match I played against Bruce. He is a fantastic golfer and has the same handicap as me, but is over 65. He could have played from the ‘seniors’ tees, but opted to play from the regular tees with me. He still own on the 18th hole, but if he moved up to the forward tees, he would have easily kicked my butt. He is a perfect example of where is golfing age was much younger than his actual age.

I know over the years that my physical capabilities have changed and yet, I still feel like I am in my mid 30s. I believe that I can still do basically anything I could 25 years ago and likely more. My game is definitely better and this adds to my lower of my golf age.

I find most golfers think and play younger than their real age. They understand that golf offers the opportunity to stay young. It is this mental attitude that helps keep my golf game at a fairly high level. I mentally think I can do most things and since I believe it, I can achieve just about anything.

Lastly, thinking young helps me approach by golf game from a unique perspective. By using my experience to see advantages of a certain stroke, I use my thinking of being young to try the higher risk/reward shots. It almost makes us fearless when playing – something that young players have in spades.

Age is just a number. It does influence our thinking, but I can tell you that I am fighting this paradigm as much as possible. I believe that thinking young helps my golf game and I feel that my golf age is much younger than my actual age. I feel like a kid ready for action every time I hit the links. This a good thing, right? Think young and stay young!

I have to share this video of the Par 3 competition at the Masters in 2015. Jack Nicklaus showing us that age is just a number:

What is your golf age?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “What is Your Golf Age?

  1. Hi Jim,
    interesting article, and we have the same problem, but in reverse.Our committee have stated that as the different tee’s have different ratings the handicaps should work OK. Recently in a competition there was a guy playing off the forward tee’s. He is new to golf and has a high handicap, but playing of those shorter tee’s he amassed 54 Stableford points, to easily qualify for the nest round of the comp. Problem here was that the next round was Matchplay and the low handicap boys would have to give this guy two shots on every hole. Imagine needing a hole in one on a par three for a half, if the high handicapper put the ball on the green for one, and having two putts for par.

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    • Pete

      It sounds like the new player does not have a legit handicap. 54 points seems crazy high. There should be a way to effectively apply the handicap system. We use 3/4 of the handicap when applying it to match play tournaments. Seems to even things out better.

      Cheers Jim


  2. Jim, I too am approaching the completion of my sixth decade and don’t think I’ve lost any distance on my irons, and actually picked up a few yards with the driver. I have noticed that when I compete against others my age (in whatever division you want to call it), I seem to be getting a relative advantage when we move up a set.

    Keep busting it past the young guns my friend!


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  3. My golf age felt pretty young until I walked the course 5 times last week. By the last day, I was feeling more my age for sure. But I’ve been lazy and that’s what I get for it. A few months of walking and taking the stairs will be good for my health as well as (I assume) my game. On the whole though, I’d say my golf game isn’t aging so much as maturing.

    I had my clubs regripped this week. All but my putter. And tomorrow will be the first day out with them. It’s supposed to be sunny and cool so it should be one of the last great days for golf before it starts heating up again. And I’ve had a couple of days to let my maturing (😉) body rest now so I’m itching to get out there again.

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