Golf Goal: Use a Golf Ball for At Least One Round

The golf ball industry must just laugh at amateur golfers. Although thrifty players will re-purpose found golf balls, the fact is that most players will go through dozens of balls in one golf season. Personally, I put aside four dozen new balls and hope that they last the season. In reality, I only used three dozen of my new allotment, on average, over the past five years because I generally get a few rounds out of each golf ball. Additionally, I am not adverse to using found golf balls if they meet my exacting standards (and yes, I do have standards for found golf balls).

Interestingly, this whole discussion stems from a question I asked on Twitter. Here is the results:

The important word in the question above is ‘average’. On average I will get two rounds out of one ball. After three or four, it becomes relegated to my shag bag. I realize that four rounds seems like quite a bit, but as long as the ball is not scuffed, it is good to play. I figure I save a few hundred dollars a year playing found golf balls.

Having said that, I do save my new golf balls for tournaments and important rounds. Each year I select two dozen these occasions and this year I have a dozen Pro V1 and Snell MTB Black. I figure both of these balls will give me the edge that I need when the pressure is on during competition. I am not sure which ball I will use when, but they are my go to balls this summer.

My other two dozen are Wilson 50s. I use them in the spring and fall when the weather is cool and the ground is wet. I find that these balls respond the best for my game during these times.

I try to play golf so I keep my ball in play all the time. I am not foolish to enough to think that all my golf balls will last a few rounds, but that is always my intent. Last year I played 10 rounds without losing a ball, but lost four during one round. That is the feast or famine of golf with respect to hitting a little white orb around a course.

It is a challenge to play one golf ball for many holes; but it is a goal of all golfers. I am not sure the golf ball manufacturers support my view, but I am sure you do!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

6 thoughts on “Golf Goal: Use a Golf Ball for At Least One Round

  1. I used to open a new sleeve every round. I played so many different courses I only had a few that I could keep from losing a ball or two on per round. Over the years I got better, but still lost what I thought was far too many balls. I thought I was done with that but my count of lost balls has risen since the accident. A direct consequence of my consistency being missing in action still.

    But I’m progressing again. The new grips on the clubs felt great. I didn’t bother keeping score because I played 12 holes on one course and 9 on the other because of an inordinate amount of rain the day before. But I did well. I did lose a ball, but just the one. I did not stay over that ball. Other than that, I was swinging pretty good. I hit a 3 iron off the 1st tee and striped the fairway, and then chipped up and hit the flag. Got my birdie there and I played the last hole exactly the same with the same result down to hitting the pin. That felt pretty good. That last hole was pretty. It’s very closely lined with tree’s on both sides so you have to hit it straight. And while it’s only 234 yards long, right, left, and behind mean bogie at best and maybe even a broken windshield if you go too far behind so it’s a good golf hole. I couldn’t actually see the cars behind the raised green, but I knew that was where I parked so needless to say, that’s why I chose the 3 iron there. It was my first time on the 9 hole course and that was just one of the nice surprises I found there. Another was that there is a chipping green set down by the farthest point on the course. It’s hidden from view for most of the building which is I guess why I never saw it before, but I was thrilled to learn that I have a chipping green just outside my building. Tomorrow I will be there for an hour or two before I play a round. I’m betting that will do more for my game than anything right now.


  2. Jim, on my recent trip to Myrtle Beach, I brought 12 new ProVs and six gently used for the five days of golf. I lost 6 or 7 which is a little over one per round. Not bad for all the hidden water on those courses. At home, if I manage to break 80, I probably didn’t lose a ball but over that, crack open a new sleeve!




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