Rotating My Golf Ball Seems To Help My Golf Scores

The old adage that a change in as good as a rest. Sometimes I need to change golf balls because it forces me to think about how to play my next shot. I play two balls exclusively (unless I am really having a bad day) and find that they play about 90% the same, there are some subtle differences. It is those differences that I like to exploit whenever possible.

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Golf Goal: Use a Golf Ball for At Least One Round

The golf ball industry must just laugh at amateur golfers. Although thrifty players will re-purpose found golf balls, the fact is that most players will go through dozens of balls in one golf season. Personally, I put aside four dozen new balls and hope that they last the season. In reality, I only used three dozen of my new allotment, on average, over the past five years because I generally get a few rounds out of each golf ball. Additionally, I am not adverse to using found golf balls if they meet my exacting standards (and yes, I do have standards for found golf balls).

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Thanks to 36aday for the Great Gift

I like to enter golf give aways. I am lucky from time to time and recently, I was very lucky. My friend, Mike Johnny from 36aday, is running a 9-week give away contest intermixed with his great views on golf. I won week 5 and today the precious cargo arrived in the mail. Thanks Mike for the great gift! Continue reading

2017 Toronto Golf Show – Final Thoughts

The Toronto Golf Show as a big success. I enjoyed my 4 hours of nirvana as I talked all things golf. I let you know about some of the sway I won and about the Wilson Staff Triton, but there were a few other things that I want to share.

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Receiving of Snell Golf Balls

The right golf ball for your game is very important. Over the years, I think I have tried them all to try and find that perfect ball for my game. As my game changed, the need for a different golf ball also changed.

I think evolving your game is an important aspect of playing golf. And selecting the proper equipment is at the core of that change. Having said that, I had a recent conversation with Mike Johnny,  36aday golf blog and an ambassador for Snell Golf, about my continuing search and graciously offered to sent me a gift. Continue reading