Thanks to 36aday for the Great Gift

I like to enter golf give aways. I am lucky from time to time and recently, I was very lucky. My friend, Mike Johnny from 36aday, is running a 9-week give away contest intermixed with his great views on golf. I won week 5 and today the precious cargo arrived in the mail. Thanks Mike for the great gift!

It is not difficult to see how, while living in colder climes, that this gift perfect!

Thanks 36aday for the toque and golf balls!

The toque has the logo on the front and 36aday on the back. After trying it on, it is the perfect weight for early spring and late fall golf. I am sure you will see pictures of it in the future.

Let us not forget the My Tour Golf balls manufactured by Snell. I have used these balls in the past and found them to a very good. I plan to put this sleeve of Snell balls to good use in the spring.

Mike, thanks again for the great gift. For all the readers out there, check out 36aday at his blog, Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for a chance to win.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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