Rotating My Golf Ball Seems To Help My Golf Scores

The old adage that a change in as good as a rest. Sometimes I need to change golf balls because it forces me to think about how to play my next shot. I play two balls exclusively (unless I am really having a bad day) and find that they play about 90% the same, there are some subtle differences. It is those differences that I like to exploit whenever possible.

Before I begin, I am not affiliated with either ball (yet 😉 ), so this is a non-bias article.

Currently, I use the Snell MTB Black and Pro V1 golf balls. Each has the same feel putting and on approach shots. They are durable and stand up to several rounds of play without any blemishes. I garner the same distance with my driver and both are easy to control. It is not difficult to see why I play these two golf balls in the summer because of their similarities. However, it their differences that I like as well.

The Snell MTB is longer with my hybrids and mid irons. For some reason I hit this ball a 1/2 club farther than the Pro V1. It is not that if feels different, it just reacts different. I like playing this ball in wet warm weather because it flies just a bit farther. So, I like to take advantage of this minor difference.

The Pro V1 releases just a bit less when hitting the green. On hot, dry conditions the greens tend to dry out fast. Thus, a shorter release on approach shots is very helpful.

You will notice that I use these balls only when it is hot. I find that when the cooler weather prevails, I switch to a more suitable ball that fits my game as well. However, this ball is used in April, May, and October.

Finding the right golf ball is very important and I have found the two I like to use in the summer. They fit my game very well and provide me with options during different weather scenarios. By switching I find that my scores do not suffer and I am able to maintain solid, consistent ball striking.

Do you use different balls for different reasons?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


2 thoughts on “Rotating My Golf Ball Seems To Help My Golf Scores

  1. At the pro level, I am sure they can adjust their swing to bring those same benefits at will but changing balls is I guess a good option for us mere mortals.

    The only time I’ve done anything like it is when playing an expensive course where the greens might be running 13+ like Copperhead. Then I might buy a sleeve of high spin balls to use for the day, but in general, I continue to try and get those different reactions based on my swing like the pros do. But then I don’t play tournament golf so I don’t have to worry about a bad day because I couldn’t execute what I needed that day. If I did, your post would be something I’d consider if I hadn’t already.


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