What is the Most Enjoyable Part of Golf?

This is not another article about the joys of social gathering, camaraderie, or the health benefits of playing golf. Most players understand these and I am sure on this beautiful Wednesday, you are looking for something more to get you through the middle of the week. Well, today I want to discuss the joys of hitting a golf ball. This might seem an unlikely topic, but just read Linely’s Golf Blog on his woes of putting and was inspired to write this article thanks Linley!

At The Grateful Golfer we try to focus on the positive aspects of playing golf. I feel that a positive mental attitude is the key to shooting low scores. Unfortunate thinks happen to our golf ball from time to time, but stressing and complaining (although I do this from time to time) is not the key to changing the situation. Thinking positive brings me to today’s topic: Pick one of the following scenario’s because you feel the most joy.

  • Hitting a booming drive down the middle of the fairway 20 yards farther then normal
  • Hitting the pin on an approach shot from 175 yards setting up a tap in birdie
  • Holing your ball from 30 yards for birdie
  • Holing your ball from 60 while putting to save par

Now, before you focus on the score, think about how each of these situations makes you feel. Which situation would you feel the most elation? I am sure each of you are saying “Yup, all of them” right now and I agree. However, one situation brings more joy to my game than the others.

In my humble opinion, sinking the 60 foot putt for par would cause the greatest positive strike in my emotions. I figure that I must of struggled on the hole to be left with such a massive putt and to walk off with par would set my positive mental juices a flowing. It is definitely the putt for me.

Of course my questions are not all inclusive and you my have a different stroke in mind. Regardless of which positive result brings you the most joy, it is important to embrace that feeling because that is one of the reasons we play this often frustrating game. For the joy of it! Why else would anyone play golf except to have fun? As I look Osprey Links Golf Course every day, I try to find something that makes me smile and reflect on the joyous life I am living.

I am grateful for golf. It is not difficult to find something to that brings me joy on the golf course. It is a matter of opening my mind to the possibilities of finding them without trying. It is a game changer for sure!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “What is the Most Enjoyable Part of Golf?

  1. Hey Jim
    Thanks for the shoutout in my blog. Sadly it was about my putting woes. Lol.
    Well for me a purely struck iron is the best thing in golf. The feeling of compressing the ball coming off an iron shot is amazing. Controlling the distance, flight, spin and landing are demanded in an iron shot. A friend e just goes far. A putt can be lucky. But a properly struck iron is the central joy of the game for me.


  2. As someone that’s gone from 5 handicap to 15 handicap in last 20 years, I no longer make 2 birdies per round. It’s more like 1 birdie every 2 rounds. So the 2 scenarios that result in birdie are my favorites. Since the hole out seems a little more lucky than skill, I would pick hitting flagstick from 175y for kick in birdie.


  3. Jim, I’ll take the stuck iron shot any day. Oddly, the 60-footer for par would bring on a sense of relief rather than accomplishment for me, largely because I’ve already screwed something up! 😊



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  4. The most enjoyable part of golf? Those two or three games (if your lucky) that come every three months or so when you can’t seem to anything wrong. There’s nothing better than when your firing on all cylinders.

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