2017 Toronto Golf Show – Final Thoughts

The Toronto Golf Show as a big success. I enjoyed my 4 hours of nirvana as I talked all things golf. I let you know about some of the sway I won and about the Wilson Staff Triton, but there were a few other things that I want to share.

The following highlights are worth a mention and I hope if you went to the show you had a chance to stop by their booths.

First was the Snell Golf booth. I looked at their golf balls and now I can hardly wait to try them out this spring. My daughter bought me some for Christmas, but since there is plenty of snow on the grow, they sit on my desk waiting and mocking me!

Next was the Golf Alabama booth. The gentlemen I talked to chatted up the Robert Trent Golf Trail. Also he gave us all kinds of swag, but the most interesting part of our conversation was the cost of the golf. He showed that Alabama might be a great alternate to the other golf destinations.

I took a 15 minute lesson from the teaching Pros. The gentlemen I was with looked at my swing and asked what I wanted to improve. I told him about losing distance and how I wanted to hit the ball farther off the tee. The first thing he did is hold my shoulders and told me to twist my lower body. I now need to work on more flexibility (which I knew already). Next we talked about aim point and swing plane. He said to keep everything the same and to feel like I am throwing my club head out to the right. This helped for direction. The last recommendation was to loosen my grip. This is something I will work on at the range after the snow disappears. The 15 minute lesson was more of a discussion period that increased my knowledge of golf. In my books, that is money well spent.

I watched Blair hit the new Mizuno driver. As Blair asked questions about the product, the rep explained all the new features especially how the base plate adjusts the face of the driver. Afterwards, the rep watched Blair hit a few balls and stepped forward to give some much-needed advice. In 1 minute, he adjusted Blair’s set up and miracles happened. Blair was crushing the ball straight off the tee! As we walked away from the Mizuno demo booth, Blair commented that this 5 minutes alone was worth the 8 hours of driving.

I stopped at the Golf Oregon booth. I was amazed by the quality of golf courses and the scenery Oregon has to offer! Oregon is going to be a new vacation destination for me in the future.

Lastly, I met Wayne Morden aka “The Commish”. He runs a golf and sports travel business, but that is not what caught my attention. Wayne is a writer as well. He wrote the book Golf Shorts and Plus Fours: Musings from a Golfing Traditionalist. I have not read his book yet, but it is on my reading list. As Wayne and I talked about writing, he asked about my story. Why I write and what I get out of putting words down on paper. I explained about my journey with cancer and how writing about golf helped keep the dark demons away. I was impressed on how he loves to write as well and how passionate he was when talking about golf. We exchanged business cards and I hope we stay in touch in the future.

Well, today’s musings will be my last for the 2017 Toronto Golf Show. I had a great time and I am planning my trip to the 2018 Toronto Golf Show already. I hope you enjoyed reading about golf as much as I did writing it.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “2017 Toronto Golf Show – Final Thoughts

  1. Jim, we found RTJ in Alabama an excellent experience. The golf courses were tremendous and the value even better. If you get the chance, you should go. I will make a return trip in a year or two to explore other parts of the trail.

    Thanks for the great write up!


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