Toronto Golf Show -The Kit Highlight

One of the interesting aspects of our trip to the Toronto Golf Show was the abundance of demo equipment. The usual big names were there and very busy all day. We waited for opportunities to hit the clubs and for the most part we were not disappointed.

Hitting new drivers and irons is always fun. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to hit them all. It is my experience that during demo days hitting into nets everything comes down to feel. How the ball feels off the club is the primary benchmark if I like a club or not.


Wilson Staff Triton Driver

The first clubs I tried was the Wilson Triton. This is a unique club because of its crowd sourcing roots.  During the ‘driver vs driver’ 8-week competition on the golf channel, this impressive new club was developed.

Driver vs Driver Winner Eric Sillies is a graduate of The University of Cincinnati in the College of DAAP (Design Architecture Art & Planning). He came into the competition with experience designing golf clubs for an internship and the utmost confidence in his abilities. Sillie’s mantra, “make things better by making better things” guided his design process and in the end it was his driver, Triton, that made the cut. Wilson Staff

At the golf show, I had a great conversation with Doug Coombs. He was at the Wilson Booth and we talked about the quality of the Triton Driver and he ran through how this new driver was developed. It was a great story and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to how passionate he was about the product he represented.

wilson-triton-plaqueWe talked about misconception most golfers have about the Wilson product. In year’s past, Wilson was branded as a lower end product, but after hitting the driver I think this perception should be revisited. What really sold me about the quality of the clubs was the 3-iron. I stopped playing a 3-iron about 6 years ago because I could not produce the same quality shots as my hybrid. However, after hitting the Wilson Staff 3-iron I am not so sure. The ball jumped off the club face and it felt like nothing in my hands. I really enjoyed hitting this club.

We also discussed golf balls and they mentioned the Wilson Duo. I wrote a review on this and the Wilson 50 last year. Personally, I like the Wilson 50 for the spring and fall. You can check out my review here.

Interestingly, the reason I stopped at the Wilson Booth was because of Pete Pappas. I follow his golf blog and he talked about Wilson Staff quite often. As it turned out, Pete’s advice to check out Wilson Staff worked out. Thanks Pete.

Thanks Doug for taking the time to talk to me. I enjoyed my time learning about Wilson Staff and I will have to keep them in mind for future club purchases. For those wondering, I am not affiliated with Wilson Staff in any way; all my thoughts in this article are my own.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Toronto Golf Show -The Kit Highlight

  1. I really like the Wilson 50. I’ve been using it about 5 months now. Do you find that the yellow version feels even softer than the white or is that my brain telling me it’s on it’s way out?

    I already missed ours in Orlando this year but it’s a mad house and we have a smaller version right here. The stories about your trip reminded me to check when our club day is and I might have missed it without you because it’s this coming Saturday. So another reason for thanks.

    Besides Wilson’s 3 iron and Triton, was there any other clubs you thought were special?

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