Toronto Golf Show -The Kit Highlight

One of the interesting aspects of our trip to the Toronto Golf Show was the abundance of demo equipment. The usual big names were there and very busy all day. We waited for opportunities to hit the clubs and for the most part we were not disappointed.

Hitting new drivers and irons is always fun. Unfortunately, we did not have the chance to hit them all. It is my experience that during demo days hitting into nets everything comes down to feel. How the ball feels off the club is the primary benchmark if I like a club or not. Continue reading

Golf Ball Review: Wilson 50 and Wilson Duo


Wilson 50 and Wilso Duo

The Wilson 50 and Wilson Duo were recommended to me by several sources as great balls to play. Over the winter, I presented an infographic on Which Golf Ball is Best for You and this information sparked an interesting conversation about golf balls. The brand of Wilson 50 and Duo were repeatedly mentioned and I decided that I would try these balls and provide a product review.

I had to think of a fair process and ensure my bias for my current golf ball did not influence the results. So, I developed my own methodology for testing these golf balls. The conclusions are mine alone and I am not affiliated with Wilson at this time (one never knows what the future brings). I ran both golf balls through a battery of tests to see if these balls would fit well into my game.
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