Toronto Golf Show – Winning Stuff

Winning golf stuff at anytime is fun. Most golfers will enter a draw or contest if there is a chance to win something cool, a free round or, well, anything golf. I am definitely in that category and it was evident last Friday. As many of my readers agree, winning stuff is half the fun of going to a golf show.

Walking around in a state of euphoria, I decided to take the opportunity to win a few things. Most contests offered the chance to win a ball marker, golf balls or a free round. And as it turned out, I was pretty lucky.


Ball Marker from Granite Ridge Golf Club

The first putting contest placed the hole on the top of a bowl. It was a very challenging putt, but the prize was worth it. The cost was $5 for 3 balls to win a round of golf at Granite Ridge Golf Club. Granite Ridge is located on the beautiful Niagara Escarpment in Milton, ON. I used the theory of hitting the ball hard into the hole, but only came close as I lipped out twice. Fortunately, I was able to spin the consolation prize wheel and won a metal ball maker where the center pops out if you need something smaller. It was well worth the $5.

The second putting contest was for a financial group. Normally, we have to sign up for something, but in this case I did not. To win, we had to sink 3 balls from 15 feet on a flat two-sleeves-of-ballssurface. After not putting for 4 months, I was not sure my short game would hold up to the pressure. To my surprise, I sunk all three and won a sleeve of Noodle golf balls.

The next contest was more fun. As you can see from the sleeve of Pro V1 golf balls in the picture, I was successful. However, of all the contests, this was by far the most interesting. The booth was for a program of golf course management offered by Humber College in Toronto. The two young gentlemen, Chris McClure and Cam Brennan, were very engaging and easily talked about the merits of the program. Cam is new to the Callaway Team in the Greater Toronto Area and is excited to start his career. Chris worked at a local golf course last summer.


Chris McClure – Jim Burton – Cam Brennan

After a few minutes, they asked if I wanted my swing analyzed. I would never turn down that offer and they set me up. After about 10 swings, they said my swing was very solid. I had a 1.5° swing plane to the left overall and they said that my results were well within norms. Anything within 4° left or right of centre was the goal.

Next they asked if I wanted to try to win a sleeve of Pro V1 golf balls. Without hesitation I definitely agreed. The game was to hit two balls. The first was a gauge and the second I had to pick my exact distance. I was using a 6 iron, not sure of the make, I hit my first ball 148 yards. It is well short of a normal 6 iron, but that does not matter right now. On my second shot, I felt I hit it just a bit better and quickly claimed 153 yards as my yardage. With a big smile, they said I was the first winner of the day! Thanks to Chris and Cam for a great experience and if you are at the Toronto Golf Show today, stop by and say hello!


Jim at the Cobble Beach Golf Resort Booth

The last contest of note was to win a prize from the Cobble Beach Golf Resort. This booth is one of my favorite places to stop. The trick is to hit a ball closest to the pin (virtual) to win a two-day, one night golf stay at Cobble Beach.

They set the distance at 99 yards with the pin slightly down hill. Our selection of clubs for this contest ranged from a 7 iron to a lob wedge; I picked a gap wedge. Each player had 3 tries and they measure closest to the pin. After feedback from years past, they put an aim point in the netting so that the players would have an idea on where to hit the ball.


Closest shot of 15 feet at the Cobble Beach Booth

I hit all three balls on the green, but my closest was only 15 feet. Not good enough to win the vacation package,  but wait, there is more.

By registering for their newsletter, Blair and I can go for a free round of golf on our birthdays. Because both of our special days are in the winter, we can go anytime before the end of May for our free round of golf! This is something we are going to do and because it is a bit of a distance from home, it likely will be an overnight trip. Likely we will play another course in the area before heading home. Now that is a prize!

The Toronto Golf Show was a blast. There was plenty of opportunity to win anything golf and I definitely took advantage of the offerings. I enjoy walking away with some swag as it adds tremendous value to the experience.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


10 thoughts on “Toronto Golf Show – Winning Stuff

  1. Sounds like you had a pretty great day. Talked about you a couple of times during the day while I was on the course. Hopefully they will remember to come visit your site.

    My day wasn’t bad either. I was proud that as a skinny old man the youngsters with the bulging muscles I caught up with on the second hole couldn’t out drive me by enough to matter. I even managed to beat their drives once or twice due to better trajectory control. That felt pretty awesome even if it was only by a foot or two.

    It wasn’t my best game for sure, but I hadn’t played from the pro tees in awhile so I will take the 80 I shot and be happy.

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