Toronto Golf Show Part 1

driving-to-the-golf-showWhat a day! For 4 hours, I was immersed in nothing but golf at the Toronto Golf Show. It was a great day and the 8 hours of driving was definitely worth it.

If you were following my adventure, we started out at 7 am in the rain and it followed us for the first 2.5 hours of the first leg of our trip from North Bay to Toronto. Blair did all the driving, thanks Blair, and I was the navigator. I think I did a fantastic job, however Blair might have a different view. We missed a couple of coffee stops early in our journeys, but after a couple of sips of the black gold, we were good to go!

We arrived at the golf show early and were ready for a great day. Upon arriving, Blair went off to have lunch with his daughter and I went and started my adventure.


Golf Swag from the Toronto Golf Show

During the day, I took a 15 minute golf lesson, entered 2 putting contests, hit balls with new clubs, talked golf with many enthusiastic and knowledgeable golfers, entered many draws, picked up some swag, and looked for deals at the golf vendors. This year I was a bit more discerning about the ‘stuff’ I gathered and now I have a day of sorting out the “needed info” from the “nice to know” info.

mike-johnny-and-jimOne of the highlights of the day was talking to Mike Johnny from 36aday. We met for the first time, at the Snell Golf booth and had a great 10 minute chat. We determined that we were going to tee it up this summer and he said he would give me strokes when we play head to head! 😉  Thanks Mike!

Over all it was a great day. I have plenty of material to write about over the next couple of weeks. So stay tuned as I sift through everything and share more of my adventure.

On our trip home, the rain came down in buckets. It rained harder yesterday than it did all last summer. Normally, this is not a bad thing except it is still winter here! Rain and cold weather make for a challenging drive. Fortunately, our trip was uneventful and we made it home in just over 4 hours. Although it was 40 minutes longer than the trip going down, that is the price you pay to be safe and to live in a the beautiful Great White North.

The Toronto Golf Show was a blast. Blair and I have agreed that we will do this trip again next year.

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!


6 thoughts on “Toronto Golf Show Part 1

  1. Jim sounds like a fun and exhausting day. Did you shop for any specific equipment or just a general peruse of everything? I know you mentioned you might be in the market for a putter and/or wedge.



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    • Brian

      I did look for a wedge and putter but the deals were not worth it. I did look for grips and shoes, but nothing that fit what I wanted. Generally my view is if I do not love it, do not buy it. I did have a great time window shopping…haha.


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