Happy Leap Year Day!

Has four years passed already since our last leap year day? Looking back I see that my journey on and off the golf course took a few detours. Not to worry though, my journey to be a scratch golfer is still in my sights. Leap year day is always interesting because if affords me extra time to work on my golf game and today I plan to do just that.

Indoor golf in the winter!

Today I am going to use my indoor driving net, orange whip, orange peel, and putting guide. I figure I will spend at least an hour working on my game as we squeeze another day into 2020. Who knows if it will really help, but it is an extra hour of practice and we can all use more practice, right?

As I make way to my garage this morning I figure that starting a fire in the wood stove is the first order of business. Then, as you can see from the picture that my DIY hitting mat is set up so I can hit some seven irons. On a side note, see the heater and orange whip in the background. The heater is a must considering it is minus 16 degrees Celsius outside. Regardless, this weather is not going to stop me from practicing.

The leap year is used to sync our calendar with Earth’s revolutions around the Sun. I guess if did not have a leap year every fourth year then winter would be summer and that would just be crazy talk. I looked up leap year and amount of data dedicated to explaining this phenomenon and frankly I decided just to accept that it was an extra day of golf training. That was enough explanation for me.

Well it is February 29th and all is well. It is last day before March and it is very cold today. However, according to an old saying that deals with March weather: “in like a lion and out like a lamb!” Since it is a bit a lion heading into March lets hope for an early warm, dry spring.

Happy Leap Year Day Everyone!

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

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