Anticipation Will Mentally Challenge Your Golf Game

Everyone knows what it is like to patiently (not so patiently for some) for something to happen. Of course right now, the anticipation of the golf courses opening in my area is the biggest one. Yet, this really does not challenge my golf game, just my patience. Anticipation of making a pressure/winning shot is a smaller more focused act that will mentally challenge your golf game. How we respond to this emotional situation will make or break our round and unfortunately, most amateurs fall short!

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The Pressure Shot In Golf

Regardless of what sport you play, there is always a time when you are expected to perform under pressure. Golf seems to have more of these exciting moments the most sports. At anytime during a competition, one shot could make or break your event. Just one shot can change to standings by several positions. And the closer we are to the finish line, the more the pressure on each shot mounts. It is exciting and scary at the same time.

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Being Overwhelmed When Your Game is On Fire!

Have you ever been playing a round of golf and nothing is going wrong? I mean when you happen to hit an errant shot, it hits a tree or rake and lands in perfect position. I have experienced several rounds like these, but not many of the years. When they do occur, golf is so much fun that I cannot wait to play another 18 holes of golf. While these rounds are few and far between, I have played many rounds where my game was on fire and I was not able to handle the extra pressure of success.

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Emotional Golf – A Good or Bad Thing?

We all remember the Patrick Reed/ Rory McIlroy match during last years Ryder Cup. It was an epic battle of emotion by both players. Neither could gain an advantage over the other trough intimidation or brilliant play. Going on at the same time, was two wily veterans showing less emotion, but as much intensity for their game; of course that match was between Phil Mickelson and Sergio Garcia. In all cases, emotions were riding high and it seemed to propel these great players to new and more exciting emotional level for the fans. Both matches were awesome to watch!

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Mental Focus for 18 Holes of Golf

Mental focus is different than mental toughness. On the surface, they might seem the same, however, to me they are two completely different states of mind. Although golfers require both, they are not applied equally during any round. And yesterday during my early bird round, it became very clear that my lack of mental focus cost me my first sub-par round of the year! Continue reading