Never Doubt You Have A Golf Game

One of the greatest challenges golfers face is their own self-doubt. It comes in many forms and “the can’ts” is one of the most challenging. Regardless of how the mental blockages to our game manifest, they cause us to doubt about all aspects of our game and adversely affect our golf scores. I have here to tell everyone that we should never doubt our golf game!

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Growing Confidence is Golf

Recently, my buddy, Blair, and I were discussing our golf game. He explained that holes 11 through 13 were his nemesis. For the life of him, he could not get these holes out of his mind. He is always waiting for the shoe to drop, even though he may hit a great shot. Through our discussion, we concluded that he was not confident with is game playing those three holes! Continue reading

Never Give Up on a Round Of Golf

The title might lead you to believe that I am going talk about grinding out a round after a slow start. Or I might suggest that one shot is all that it takes to change your fortune on the links. All of these ideas are definitely true, but it is easy to talk about hope when the chips are down. What about when you are playing really well and you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know what I mean; that time when your round is going so well that when you make a poor shot, you are relieved because the inevitable happened. Talk about setting ourselves up to fail! Continue reading