Never Give Up on a Round Of Golf

The title might lead you to believe that I am going talk about grinding out a round after a slow start. Or I might suggest that one shot is all that it takes to change your fortune on the links. All of these ideas are definitely true, but it is easy to talk about hope when the chips are down. What about when you are playing really well and you are waiting for the other shoe to drop. You know what I mean; that time when your round is going so well that when you make a poor shot, you are relieved because the inevitable happened. Talk about setting ourselves up to fail!

When I am playing well, my game is on cruise control. I do not think of anything to do with swing mechanics and once I decide on a shot, I seem to effortlessly execute it. These are the times in my game when I revel in the joy of golf until……

Something crazy happens and that little cloud of self-doubt starts to slowly chip away at my confidence. It is relentless as a winter cold; no matter what I do, I cannot shake the dark feeling of dread slowing taking over my thoughts. It is during these times when a golf should never give up and fight to remain in the moment of positive successes.

If you ever wondered, the times when things are going awesome in our game is why most golfers are streaky players. Of course, there are some that play well most of the time, but even those players play better than expected and score really well. This positive streak stays with us until it stops. When it does and we return to our normal game, we somehow think that we lost our game. Actually, we are not streaking at the time and nothing is wrong.

It is during those normal rounds that grinding out a good score is how to create a positive streak. We keep playing our game in the hopes that something fantastic happens and we can ride that wave of success for as long as it lets us. Never giving up on a round is definitely a skill we can all practice.

Tomorrow, I am going out for a round after shooting my lowest round of the season. The 74 on Monday was smooth and effortless. I am not sure if I am on a streak, but I am confident I am going to play well and it could be the start of something great. Regardless, I am sure that I will not give up on my round!

What is your best streak of rounds in golf?

I am a grateful golfer! See you on the links!

4 thoughts on “Never Give Up on a Round Of Golf

  1. Jim, nice round, glad to see you are coming into mid-season form! Remember to take it one shot at a time. If the streak comes, great. If not, just play the next shot.

    Fairways and greens,


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