What Makes a Memorable Round of Golf

What makes a memorable round of golf? This is a tough question for most amateurs because the answer is limitless. A memorable round of golf is so subjective that defining just one idea only cheapens all the other experiences. Personally, I have experienced many memorable rounds and to narrow it down to just one is almost impossible. Can you do it?

I recently ran a poll on Twitter asking this exact question and the results are not surprising. How can we really define memorable, but some have spoken:

I would fit into the any of the above. I think a memorable round can happen at any time on the links. Keeping an open mind to the experience is key to something special.

My first sub-par round was memorable. Shooting 70 at Circle Pines Golf Course to win the Captaincy of my base golf team was awesome. I beat my mentor, Bobby Fortune, and although I offered to let him be the team captain, he absolutely refused. Bobby shaped my game, taught me course management and laid the foundation in my game for future successes. That round was amazing and the score was completely unexpected.

Through the years, my playing partners varied. I played with an astronaut, celebrity, strangers, family, and regulars. All were amazing, but one does stand out. Playing in the Strawberry Classic golf tournament with my Mom is only one of many. We won our flight and by my Mom’s reaction, we won a LPGA event. She loved golf and watching her reaction making some great shots still sticks in my mind today.

10th Hole at Glen Abbey

I have played many great courses through the years. Every course I played has something memorable, but I think Glen Abbey in Oakville is one of the tops. I was invited  there by my friend Donnie to play and it was a dream come true. Glen Abbey is rich in Canadian golf history and playing where many great players had played is something special.

But, wait; there are many more memorable rounds to discuss. I could go on an on, yet it is important to remember regular rounds as well. Playing golf with my wife is very memorable. To share my passion with her is something I cherish every time we play. A memorable round of golf does not always have to be larger than life.

The next time you tee it up, remember that your round could be memorable. Don’t limit your experiences by thinking that  memorable round only happens during special occasions. They can happen at any time!

What is your most memorable round?

I am a grateful golfer? See you on the links?


4 thoughts on “What Makes a Memorable Round of Golf

  1. Jim,

    My most memorable was definitely on my wedding day. Playing Pebble Beach with Beth and even managing to break 80 made for something special. There are a lot of memorable rounds out there but that one stands out the most.


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  2. Jim, like you I have so many. If I had to choose, it would be a final round 70 to win my club championship back in 1995. The round was great as was the win, but what made it special was that it was the final round of three where I shot 70-69-70, and that was without question the best stretch of golf I have ever played. Thanks for the jog down memory lane!


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